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My best friend watched my girlfriend and I having sex up at College Heights in Prince George

I was 16 years old and dating a hot sexy girl. The type of girl everyone wishes they could date. She had beautiful breasts, a nice round ass and a body to die for. One evening a great friend of mine who was a girl was having a party up in College Heights in Prince George. We were all having a good time and a few of us decided to stay over. We were all sleeping in the same room. As I cuddled up to my girl her curves enticed me. I was instantly hard and could not control the urges I was feeling. My hands moved along her body, my lips caressing the back of her neck. I whispered that I needed her now. Under the blankets I moved towards her moistness and felt her excitement. I knew she wanted it too.

I rolled her over and removed her shorts and mine. I caressed my cock across her warm moistness. She moaned trying to keep quiet with the group sleeping less than 5 feet away. I convinced her everyone was sleeping and rolled her onto her back. I spread her legs and gently eased inside her. It was so erotic knowing anyone in that room could see us with the street lights from St. Anne Ave. I was riding her when I glanced over to my friend who was sleeping nearby. I realized she was staring straight at us. She was wide awake. This aroused me even more. By now my girl was moaning and could not hold back her excitement.

This pumped me up knowing my friend was watching. I had always had a fantasy of making it with her. So while I rode my girl I stared intently at my friend and imagined it was her. This got me off so fast that I was ready to cum instantly. I quickly slid out and released my load upon my girlfriend’s naked body. Little did she know it was my best friend who got me off and I imagined laying there naked and covered in my excitement. I looked over to see my friend smile and turn over and dream of my little show.

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