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Voyeurism in me: Love knowing I am being watched

Friday, July 12th, 2013

I used to live in a tiny basement flat in New York. There were very large windows onto the stairwell which allowed lights to stream into the living room. I had thin black venetian blinds on the windows though for privacy in the evenings or so I thought. My neighbor told me anyone could see clearly from the street into the room even when the blinds were closed if the lights were on. He told me this about a year after I moved in. I remember suddenly going through in my mind all the things I had done in that room. I have to say that I didn’t change the window coverings, nor did I stop leaving the lights on when I was with my boyfriends. It has remained a turn on for me to know I’m being watched, even though I didn’t realize it before I became aware of the blinds. I love feeling of voyeurism. I still live in the same apartment.

Love hearing my neighbors having sex in the shower

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

I recently moved into a new apartment in San Diego. It’s an older house that has been divided into 2 separate apartments, side by side. I live in the one in the north. A young mid 20s couple live next door. When the owner created the separate unit, he put the shower in the young couple’s apartment just on the other side of the wall from my bedroom. And the walls aren’t very thick. I can hear quite clearly whenever they take a shower together. I find it quite thrilling to be able to hear them having sex. I enjoy the pleasure I get knowing the act of sex taking place just a few feet away from where I am even though I can’t see them. I just know my neighbors are having sex and that is just amazing!

Sometimes I have fantasies about joining them and wonder what it would be like to be there in person watching them. It has always been my secret fantasy to masturbate while watching someone else have sex. Maybe someday I will get the nerve to go to a dating or swingers site and see if I can find someone to fulfill this fantasy. Until then I will just continue to listen as my neighbors go at it next door. It turns me on so much I feel like cumming every time I hear them.I never knew you could get such pleasure just hearing people having sex. I know there will come a day when I can watch someone as well, and when that day comes I think I will cum harder than I ever have before.

I love being watched when pleasing myself

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

My secret is that I absolutely love being watched. I recently was in our living room and could see the hydro meter reader guy walking from house to house. We live in Washington. I am not sure what came on to me but I completely undressed and went to our bedroom downstairs in the basement. I opened the curtains and lay on the bed in the room. I was laying there rubbing myself legs open and fully exposing myself when I heard the latch on the gate open. I actually got more turned on and was grabbing my breasts and enjoying myself. I could see the reader walk around the side of the house; he stopped and stared for a few moments. I wish he had stayed longer but I think he was afraid to get caught and moved on. If he stayed there I might have had a Ashley Madison just to fulfill a fantasy.

The next time I might be bold enough to not only let someone watch me, but maybe even help me out. If that man had stood there longer and shown n interest in watching me, I might have let him in to finish me off by fucking me. I want to see a man’s cock get hard as I am being watched, and I am sure if that happened I would want that cock inside of me.

I am a voyeur but not a traditional one

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

I like to watch others having sex or being intimate in front of me. I also like to be watched. Whether it is on a webcam or in person it really is exiting. Taking part in group sex is very exhilarating for me. I am not a voyeur in the traditional sense of the word but I have had the pleasure of having sex amidst lots of other people who are having sex and I can tell you that the sights and sounds of sex are very exciting to me. I feed off other people’s passion, fueling my own passion, and I get caught up in the scene. This is the only reason I moved from a smaller northern town named Prince George to a much bigger town Vancouver. Lot of fantasies can come true here. I have met my current boyfriend on AshelyMadison and things are going great since.

The sight of a woman taking a thick hard cock is incredibly arousing to see. I imagine myself in her position and that gets me horny. That is why I think porno industry makes so much money. It gives you the opportunity to fantasize. Having sex, while watching others have sex, and allowing them to watch you back, is an almost spiritual, soulful event, as if you are in worship service, and you are celebrating life. I love the idea of voyeurism. I wish more people out there were openly voyeur and embrace the voyeurism lifestyle.

Voyeurism in Florida

Monday, May 9th, 2011

I’ve been a voyeur since as long as I can remember. I grew up in a small suburban neighborhood in Florida. My neighbor growing up was the hottest girl in high school, who was 7 years older than me and her sister was 1 year older than me. They shared a room. From my bedroom I could see right into their room, of which they always left the blinds, pulled open and would walk around naked or in their bra and panties. I used a binocular to see them up-close. I’m not sure if they knew or not, but they would be naked a long time. I love the idea of voyeurism. I am now living at new house but I miss those days. I still wonder if they walk around naked or not sometimes.