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Blowjob confession of a lingerie model

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

I work in this “lingerie store” as a “lingerie model”; really it is the type of place that sells sex toys and sexy things, as well as lingerie of course. However, the main focus is the models. Gentlemen, if you wish to call them that, can come in and choose a model for a private session.

They are never supposed to have sexual encounters or touch the models, but they do jerk off while watching each piece modeled. I never really watch the guys when they jerk off as it is just a job and I get tipped well.

One day things changed a little bit when this man came in and pulled his penis out. I couldn’t help but watch as he stroked it, and the reason for this is that it was huge! I was getting really horny watching him and I had to hold myself back from breaking the law.

The only other time I wanted to do anything wrong, and did was when I gave my boss a blowjob. While it felt dirty and it turned me on, this was different. I wanted to fuck. I wanted to walk right over to this guy, pull my panties off and sit on that big cock, but I held myself back.

When I went in the back room, after all the other models had left, as it was my night to lock up, I started looking at the sex toys. I thought about the time I gave my boss a blowjob and remembered how small his penis had been in comparison.  I wanted to feel a big cock for once in my life and see why everyone made such a big deal over it.

They sell a product called realistic cock and it comes in different sizes. I had never had a big cock before and had only seen them in moves. I pulled the 12 inch toy off the wall and brought it to the bathroom. I stuck it to the wall with the little suction cup that is attached to the back of it and I pulled my panties down.

I knew that was going to be hard to get into me so I put a lot of lube on my pussy. I slowly got down on my hands and knees and back into that gigantic toy cock until it was buried deep inside of me. I never came so hard in my life. Now I know why they say size matters!

Cheated on wife and can’t stop thinking of cheating

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

I have been married for less than a year, and have cheated on my wife with a coworker of mine, yet I have talked about not cheating with countless women. I troll the internet dating sites like Ashley Madison, looking for women who are willing to cheat with a married man. It turns me on to hear them say they want me, and I get off fantasizing ways to meet them and have an affair. My wife has caught me a number of times having inappropriate conversations but I promised her I would stop every time. But I really don’t want to. I am seeing a counselor but don’t think its helping.

I wish I could get my wife to open up and let me fuck another woman. If she were only less frigid, she could be with us and it would be a threesome. At the same time the idea of having sex with another woman behind her back, without her knowing I cheated is a much better fantasy for me and turns me on even more. Maybe I will just throw all caution to the wind and do what I want to do. I do not think I can stand the temptation much longer, and I know the counseling is not helping. If I do this, I will make sure my wife never knows I cheated.

I have a crush on my female boss at Pine Center Mall

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

I have been with my girlfriend for almost two years now, but I have a major crush on my boss who is a female. I work at one of the stores at Pine Center Mall in Prince George. It’s nothing serious and it’s not hurting anyone. It’s just very distracting while I’m at work. I fantasize about it constantly, she is in her 40s I think but is very attractive. She is very caring of me and she actually appreciates my work. She keeps her personal life very private so I have no idea whether anything would ever happen between the two of us, but it’s fun to fantasize. Even if she has a husband or boyfriend, still it is very hot to fantasize two of us doing stuff together. I love my boyfriend, but her mental illness is really draining most of the time, hence the fantasy. I didn’t want to share that with anyone I know, but I had to confess to it. I am glad I have come across this site.

Love the fantasy of cheating and I cheated on my husband

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

My secret is that I cheated on my husband. What started out as fun and flirty emails from a co-worker turned into us meeting up after work on a regular basis. We have been together on 6 different occasions and had sex which was great. I love my husband, but, I miss sleeping with whoever I want to or random sex. Before I got married, it was no big deal for me to just have sex with any random guys I wanted. Since the marriage I miss that part of me. But, the experience with the co-worker was the second person. While my husband was overseas, I hooked up with an ex lover. It feels good to get this off my chest. Honestly, call me a slut or whore, but I don’t regret any of it. I don’t feel guilty. I don’t have any remorse. I love the idea of secret rendezvous and the fantasy of cheating. My husband still does not know that I cheated on him with two different guys. My co-worker is also his friend!

I wanted to be a model

Friday, February 17th, 2012

A few years ago I answered an advertisment in a newspaper to get some photos done because I wanted to become a model. I was 19 at the time and had done some promotional work in the past but no modelling although people would always tell me I was pretty enough to be a model, especially men. The man who answered the call sounded very professional and told me to come to an address to meet him so we could take the photos. I asked if it was ok if I brought my boyfriend of two years along with me but he said he would just be in the way and convinced me otherwise. I thought I would be going to a studio or something but it turned out the address was a serviced appartment.

Once inside Bill (this wasnt his real name) asked me to pose in various outfits as he took lots of photos. After 20 minutes or so I asked him how much all the photos would cost as he seemed to be taking hundreds. He told me not to worry and we would arrange something. Over the next hour or so I posed in various outfits I had but as time went on I seemed to be wearing less and less until Bill had me in my bikini and then various sets of underwear. I was feeling a little uncomfortable at this point, partly because I was showing my body off to a complete stranger, and party because I was pretty sure Bill was becomming aroused. He had a big grin on his face and kept adjusting himself. Bill was probably in his mid 50s and was wearing a wedding ring so I assume he was married.

SO there I was posing in some underwear when Bill asked me to take my top off. I refused but he told me it was very important that I do it if I wanted to be a model so eventually I agreed. As I unclipped my bra, I could see Bill was becomming very aroused and as he took photos of me topless he started to play with his penis. I decided I had enough and started to pick up my clothes to leave. Bill told me I owed him $450 for the photos but I told him I didnt have that much money even with all my savings so he told me I could settle the bill by letting him jerk himself off into my mouth. I didnt know what to do so I agreed. Bill came up to me and put me on my knees and told me to open my mouth. I did what I was told and just a few seconds later I felt Bill’s sperm shoot across my cheek and I could taste it in my mouth. It tasted horrible, warm and salty.

As I got up to leave Bill told me he would send me all the photos but when nothing arrived for a few weeks I realised I had been tricked. Im not sure what Bill did with the photos but hopefully theyre not on the internet and he didnt tell anyone that I had let him jerk off in my mouth. I never told my boyfriend what happened because I knew how upset and angry he would be.

I decided not to be a model after that.