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Fun with a motel maid in Quesnel

While staying at a cheap motel in Quesnel, once I got caught coming out of the shower by the maid. I guess she knocked the same time I was finishing my shower. I never heard her knocking and she didn’t hear the shower. As she opened the door I stepped out of the shower. As soon as she walked in the room she saw me coming out of the bathroom naked. I was almost turned on in the shower as I didn’t have sex for awhile while staying at the motel. She saw me and apologized but didn’t back out. I asked if I could get another big towel because mine was wet. She left and came back with the towel right away. She actually walked right towards me and handed it to me. I was of course very surprised and taken aback. Now she asks in broken English, she’s Mexican I think, if I want a blow job for $50. She’s in her 20’s, a little chubby, and cute. I thought it might be a police sting or something, I hesitated. She then flashed at me to reassure she was not any police or anything. I agree but when I go to my wallet all I had was 20 dollar bills. I was about to give her 60 but she took two 20s. She then dropped to her knees and went to work. I didn’t last long. The thought of a strange girl taking me in and out of her mouth was super hot. I blew in her mouth after few minutes. She swallowed everything but maybe she just didn’t want to clean up the mess.

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  1. Marc Says:

    I’d like to know the name of that hotel lol, wouldn’t mind some of that service

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