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My hobby is videotaping my wife having sex with other guys

Videotaping wife having sex with other men has become my hobby. It started innocently enough. A few years ago, my wife answered a Phoenix craigslist ad for modeling work. When she arrived she found out it was an audition for adult video work produced by a husband and wife team. She was intrigued and titillated and decided to pose in lingerie and eventually to pose nude. After the photos were taken, she was given $100 for her time and told that a lot of girls had answered the ad, but if she were willing to go a little further with the audition process, she’d have a better shot at the main role. My wife is both smart and sexy and knew exactly where he was going, but she was willing to go to the next level to land the role. She said yes without hesitation. The husband came around to the front of the camera and started kissing my wife as his wife filmed them. My wife could feel how hard he was and knelt down, unzipped his jeans and started to give him a blowjob, knowing her mouth on his cock would look incredible on the tape. She really wanted to get the part and teased his cock with her tongue and mouth, hoping the camera was picking up her excellent technique. Things got really hot, and eventually he picked up my wife and she wrapped her long, slim legs around his waist while they kissed and touched each other. With one hand on her ass to keep her pressed against him, he pushed aside her thong and slide his hard, thick cock into her tight, wet pussy. My wife has no idea how it happened, it’s like his cock slid in all on it’s own, as if there were no way to keep it from thrusting into her. She straddled him and rode his thick cock, bucking and moaning as he thrust into her. They fucked for ages, in all kinds of positions, until he couldn’t contain himself and came inside my wife, all for the benefit of his wife and her video camera. My wife couldn’t wait to get home to show me her copy of the audition tape. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen, I just wished I could have been filming it myself. Since then, we’ve started making videos of my wife fucking other guys with me behind the camera and we’ve now got a great collection of tapes. My hobby, videotaping my wife having sex with other guys, beats the hell out of bird watching or collecting stamps.


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