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Our first time in the public: the Sutton place hot tub

September of last year I went and visited my husband on the road (Vancouver) for holiday. We live in Prince George. His company paid for the hotel and his expense. So it was just my expense which was nothing. First evening I was there, we got into our swim suits (company put him at the Sutton place hotel in Vancouver) and headed for the pool and hot tub downstairs.  I had not seen him for a while, so we were both in the mood for some adult fun. While sitting in the hot tub, I started teasing him under the bubbles and of course some kissing action was happening. He got rock hard and I got horny. After stroking him for few minutes, he told me he was going to cum.  I could not resist myself; I reached down and pulled my suite to the side and gently lowered myself down onto him under the bubbles, it really felt so amazing and warm. He was right, within seconds he exploded inside me. Within seconds a family came in the pool area. Of course he was still inside me and didn’t want to make sudden move. Thank god they stayed in the pool area and not near the hot tub. After another few minutes in the water we just stood up and headed back to our room. We still get turned on by this incident because that was our first time in public and certainly was not the last since.

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