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Sex with my cousin

I once was sitting on the couch with my cousin, watching tv we were home alone. We both wanted to watch different things so we started play fighing for the remote. As we were fighting we started flipping threw channels. We accidentally ended up on porn. It was awkward so I got up and went to the kitchen to grab a snack. I came back he was still watching it and he had a boner. He said its ok come sit down. I was kinda scared but I went and sat down. He told me to lay down so I did, he slowly pulled down my pants and he started eating me out. I’m not gonna lie it did feel good, he did it for about 5 minutes. Continuesly licking and sucking on my clit. After he pulled down his pants, and slowly entered his penis in my vagina. That moment I was so pleasured. He went in and out. After I kinda got the hang of it and we tried different positions. Everytime I’m horny I think of that moment and how perfect it was. Don’t worry hes not my blood cousin. He’s a family friend but I just call him my cousin. I love the rush I get having sex with my cousin.

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