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Daddy loves fucking his little slut

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Usually my lover isn’t very rough but he knows that I like it rough and love being used as a sex doll.

So the other night he started teasing me. He touched me over my cloth, then under … making me wet. He held me down on the couch whispered in my ear how bad he wanted to fuck me. Told me he wants to fuc* my tight pussy and that I will have no saying to it. He then lead me to our bedroom. As soon as we got there, he pushed me up against the wall. Held my hands over my head, I moaned right as he did it.

He pulled my panties down, putting his dick on my pussy. Then he grabbed my waist and bent me over and fucked me. He even made me call him daddy… while he was fucking me … he held pulled my hair and said, “daddy loves fucking his little slut.” I love him.

I am the perfect daddy’s little slut

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

I work full time in retail as a cashier and go to school full time studying forestry. Once a month I get a weekend off. I always look forward to my weekend off. I have a secret side no one knew about. My friends and family would really freak out if they knew what I really do on my weekends off. I spend my weekends with my Daddy. He isn’t my real dad, he is a Master and I am his Submissive. I am his perfect daddy’s little slut is what he calls me and thinks of me.

It was only once a month I reliqushed control to my Daddy. I loved every minute I spent with him. I had to follow Daddy’s instructions exactly. He would drive to my apartment and immediately go to my room where I would be waiting for him as his instruction. I was to strip and lay in the bed waiting for Daddy to get home.

“Hello, Daddy.” I say as he walks into the bedroom.

“Hello, slut.” Daddy responds. I am now standing in front of him. I get on my knees and undo his pants and start stroking his cock. When it starts getting hard I put it in my mouth and suck up and down his shaft.

“That’s my good girl.” Daddy says as he grabs my head and starts to slowly fuck my mouth. Daddy’s favorite thing is to feel his cock hit the back of his slut’s throat. I fully relaxed my mouth so he could deep throat me. I always gag on my Daddy’s big cock. I don’t stop though, I will continue till he pulls out.

Daddy pulls his cock out of my mouth. “Lay down on your back slut.” Daddy tells me.

“Yes, daddy.” I replied laying down fully relaxed. Daddy straddled me.

“Who do you belong to?” Daddy asked as he bent over and kissed my neck.

“You, Daddy.” I responded.

“What are you?” He asked while pinching and twisting my nipples.

“I’m Daddy’s dirty little slut. Ah!” I responded. Daddy bent over and sucked on my nipples.

“Good girl.” He responded.

Daddy kissed all the way down my body and placed my legs on his shoulders. He kissed down my thighs and finally reached my pink lips. They were already wet.

“Excited for Daddy already.” He smiled and began by sucking on each lip. He took a finger and inserted it inside me.

“Oh yes, Daddy!” I responded raising my hips into his thrusts.

“Whose pussy is this?” Daddy asked fingering her.

“It’s your pussy, Daddy.” I responded.

Daddy runs his tongue over my clit. He takes it in his mouth and gently bites it.

“Oh yes, Daddy, harder!” I scream with delight. He bites harder and shakes my clit.

“My slut likes that doesn’t she?” Daddy asked me while continuing to play with me.

“Yes I do, Daddy. I like it a lot.” I replied.

Daddy brings my legs up to my chest and slides his hard cock inside me. He thrusts as hard as he can. “OH YES, DADDY! DON’T STOP!” I scream.

“Who do you belong to?” Daddy asks while still thrusting deeply.

“I’m your dirty little slut, Daddy.” I said between breaths. Daddy continues pounding me.

“Tell Daddy when you cum, slut.” Daddy said.

“OH YES, DADDY, I’M CUMMING!” I screamed while my pussy tightened and clamped down on his cock.

Daddy slipped his cock out of her dripping wet pussy. “Get on your knees for Daddy.” He commanded. My trembling body slowly flipped over. I got up on my knees. Daddy didn’t waste anytime and entered me. He grabbed my hair and started ramming my pussy as hard as he could. He also spanked my round ass turning it red.

“Please be rough, Daddy. It feels so good!” I exclaimed.

“Ask Daddy when you are ready to cum.” Daddy told me grabbing my hips and thrusting hard. It thrilled me to feel pain.

“Daddy, may I cum please!” I screamed about to climax.

“Yes, cum on Daddy’s cock, slut!” He responded slamming into me.

“Where do you want Daddy to cum?” He asked me.

“I want my pussy dripping with Daddy’s cum. Cum inside me, Daddy.” I replied.

“Daddy’s good little slut.” Daddy replied.

Daddy grabbed my hips and started thrusting hard and deep. My legs began shaking and feeling weak.

“MY SLUT WILL TAKE ALL DADDY’S CUM!” Daddy screamed as he came in my pussy.

“OH YES DADDY, I WILL!” I screamed in response.

We both collapsed on the bed. Daddy wrapped his arms around me. I was still shaking.

“You may rest for a little while, slut, then we will have another round.” Daddy whispered in my ears smiling. This is just the end of one evening. 🙂