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My boyfriend used to physically abuse me!

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Not many people know this, but my boyfriend of 3 years, now ex boyfriend, has hit me before. A few slaps in the face, and one time we got into a really bad fight where i fought back, finally the day i decided to leave him he punched me in the mouth to where i was bleeding, he busted my lip. it has been 1 year and 2 months since we broke up, i have yet to become anyones girlfriend since then. i dont think i will ever get over it enough to become someones girlfriend again.

Our first encounter with another man in Florida

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

My wife & I have been married for 15 years and living in a small northern town Quesnel in British Columbia. We met in high school and only been with each other ever since. We often talked about our fantasies and excite each other with sex talk and my favorite fantasy is of her with another man. However, we are a very conservative couple and of Asian ethnicity and we never dreamed of actually living out this fantasy. On top of that we lived in a very small town. Two years ago we went to Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary. We were feeling very sexy, I wanted her to wear short skimpy dresses as she normally dresses very conservatively. She spent the day shopping alone changed into a black short skirt on her way back. On her way back by bus, the Driver started to chat her up and gave her his telephone number at her stop. She was looking very sexy. I was feeling so horny and suggested that she call the bus driver and meet him for drinks at the bar of our resort. So she invited him to join her. We were both nervous and had a few drinks. She kissed me when the time came to meet and she left. Before she left I told her to call me to let me know that all is ok and to be back in an hour. I had mixed emotions of excitement and worry whilst waiting for her so I had a few more drinks. When the hour passed she called and asked me to come down. So I did. I saw her with a big and muscular black man. He was caressing her hands and I could see her legs opened under the table and I knew she was turned on and ready to be taken. They left the diner and walked across the road to the dimly let beach. He pressed himself against her and she kissed him passionately. I was just out of sight behind some trees and could see him run his hands under her short skirt. I was hard and my pants were wet. I was so excited but also feeling nervous. For some reasons my wife was so nervous she pushed him back and he seem like a good guy and understood. He just kissed her and left. That was the first time we ever came close with another man pleasing my wife. We now are grown up and have met many singles and couples since that. We use Fling to meet people and also are using Plenty of Fish to meet locals. It’s been a tremendous experience. That was our first encounter with another man but was not the last.