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Unsatisfied in my sex life

My secret is that im not happy with our sex life (me and my girlfriend) ever since weve had sex I have always had to finish myself off after she leaves.

I care about her alot and i know i’ll probly never find another girl like her but everytime we do it she leaves me unsatisfied. im not proud to say this but i have cheated on her before and i have came clean about it, what i did was mutual between me and the other girl and it was a no strings attatched fling. i absolutely do not have feelings for those woman but i wish my gf could finish me like those other woman have.

When I cheated i felt degrading and aweful as i had broken my promise to my gf but there are days when i just cant take it and need a woman who knows how to please a man right.

My secret is I am in an unsatisfying relationship with a great girl who i doont wana leave or cheat on. i need some advice on what i should do cuz im gettin tired of feeling that my needs arent being met

btw we have talked about this problem and it upsets her but with our schedules its hard to do anything

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One Response to “Unsatisfied in my sex life”

  1. will Says:

    man try to get her to agree to you having flings on the side, she may know she sucks in bed and let you step out every once in a while. That would be the best case scenario, a unreal gf who lets her bf bang randoms :)

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