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Boyfriend with another Man

You hear people talk about how guys always fantasize about seeing two girls together, but I have had the same fantasy for a long time. When my boyfriend is fucking me I often visualize him sucking a cock or getting fucked in his ass while I watch. My fantasy is watching my boyfriend with another man. Thinking about this makes me cum so fast that I have to slow my mind so I don’t explode before he does. It started out me dreaming of him getting his cock sucked by a school girl in uniform while I watched, then I imagined him fucking her from behind while I ate her pussy. Now the fantasies of him sucking a cock have taken on a whole new form.

The thought of watching him get fucked hard in his ass makes me want to cum right now. I want to see him scream in pain as he has a huge cock shoved hard in his ass. I want to watch as he swallows a huge cock down his throat and then gulps the whole load, swallowing every last drop. I think of having my boyfriend fuck me while another guy fucks me in the ass too, that is another fantasy that makes me so horny I can’t think. But the one that really turns me on and makes me crazy is visualizing my boyfriend pulling another man’s pants down, slowly sucking on that guys cock and then bending over so the man can slip his hard cock right into my boyfriend ass.

Maybe I am abnormal but if I ever could get my boyfriend to do that, I would. I often dream of setting him up to be raped in the ass so I can watch. I am so turned on by this thought that it consumes me and makes me want to fuck all the time. My pussy is wet just thinking about it now.

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