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Sex with an older co-worker: Pine Center Mall, Prince George

I’m twenty two, and I work at Pine Center Mall in Prince George. I was first interviewed by a forty three year old man who I found to be very attractive. I became very interested in him. When I got the job, I was excited to learn that I would be working with him.

I started the job and flirted shamelessly with him as much as I could. We both worked at a clothing store. I would try out different cloth when I could and try to model for him. I found out that he was recently divorced. This compelled me to ask him out. As luck would have it the day I had decided to ask him out, he showed up at work on his day off and asked me out. I was very excited and told him I was flattered. That night, we met for dinner at a shooters pub, and he was absolutely charming. I was smitten, to say the least. So, when the night was coming to an end, I asked him over to my place.

We started out in my living room, drinking coffee and watching some tv. I was so excited to be alone with him that I wanted things to move faster and I couldn’t wait. But he was not making any moves. I thought of improvising! I went into my room and undressed and put on my pajamas. I then called him to help me get something off the closet top shelf. He came in and grabbed me passionately. He pushed me against a wall and began to kiss me. We undressed, and I had the best and most passionate sex I had ever had. I am never going back to younger guys again. I found out later he was hesitant because he didn’t want to seem over eager. We are still together to this day, and the sex is just that good every time. It really gets better with age!


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One Response to “Sex with an older co-worker: Pine Center Mall, Prince George”

  1. MJ Says:

    my lover is 25 yrs my senior, once he took me and penetrated me I was his. Sex with him is levels beyond younger guys. He is man, not a boy. I quit pretending, I am his woman. I am more content than I have been my entire life. Once you are taken by an older man you will never go back to a kid.

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