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Couple swapping when I was a student at the University

I was 19 at the time and was a student at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) in Prince George. I also had a girlfriend who was going to the same university. Well, just like any other hormone filled boys and girls, we talked about sex all the time. My girlfriend and her friend talked to each other about couples swapping and would fantasize about it. Her friend would have sex with me and my girlfriend would have sex with her boyfriend, who was also attending UNBC. My jaw dropped when my girlfriend asked me what I thought of it. She told me her friend proposed it. I asked her what she thought of it and she just said, “I don’t know.” I knew when she says “I don’t know” that means she is thinking about it. So I told her it could be fun let’s see what happens. As I predicted, she said she was game too but was scared that this could somehow change things between us. I told her that if we do it only one time, it could only spice up our sex life. So she was up for it, she had that slutty side to her. She talked to her friend who also talked to her boyfriend. My girlfriend and I were living at the UNBC residence so it was not an option to swap there so we decided it would be at friend’s house who were, at the time, living at an apartment.

So over the weekend, we went to her friend’s apartment. I planned exactly how it will work and we all agreed to go with a plan instead of going in with not knowing exactly what to do. After we went to their apartment we sat on the couch had some drinks and was just anticipating the fun. Then the guy said, we should get this moving. So I went in one bedroom with the girl, my girlfriend went in the bedroom in front with the guy, we left the doors open and the fun began. That girl really wanted me and she made things hot. She was sensual and loud. She also pleased me with her mouth. All the while I could only imagine what my girlfriend was up to or what that guy was doing to her. My girlfriend was also loud, I could hear her moan and also hear him talking to her and telling her what to do. I could even hear some smacking going on. That was really exciting to me and after I came, me and the girl went and peaked in the other room. We both were naked still. From the other side of the door when we both saw my girlfriend and her boyfriend were still getting it going, we just glanced at each other and told her lets go to the other room so I could please you again. So we did. It was super hot for the first time.

None of us are together anymore. We moved on with our own lives but I still think about it a lot. If any of you (you know who you are) are reading this, let me know if you want to recreate those moments.


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