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I have a crush on my dad’s girlfriend

I am 19 and my dad’s girlfriend is 29. She is super hot. I give her 10 out of 10. They are dating for last 3 years. She just moved in with my dad. I dont live there but after seeing her on couple of occasion I try to find any reasons to go see my dad. Girl friend of his has a very sexy body. Only if she knew about my lust and my fantasies I have with her! She is a flirty little thing. I dont know if she is flirty with just me or with everyone but either way I like her and have a secret crush on her.

Last summer we went camping together. It was superhot. She was wearing this little swiming dress and went swiming with me. My dad was cooking. Holyshit it was super hot. Eventhough she was 29 but she looks like 19! I dont know what to do with it all. I know it will never end well if I tried to do anything. But still I feel guilty to think about all these about my dad’s girl friend!


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