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Husband cheating on me

I am a married woman…I have been married to my husband for 7 years, he works out of town a lot, that is the job he has takes him out of town a lot, and I know when he is out of town, he cheats on me, I know, he denies it, but I know he does. I know I am not taking care of him sexually, that is because he does not “let” me, he does not want to do certain things with me, for what ever reason, I am game for anything, we are husband and wife, why not….but our intamacy is lacking, so I know he does certain kind of women to full fill what ever it is he is after, I know what he likes, but again, he does not want it from me. We have a bad sex life, (unless we are drunk) and I am sure boredom has set in, that is why he is cheating on me, he likes certain kind of women…..

He used to make me feel so womanly, but lately I feel nothing like an object just living with him….I miss being touched like a woman, touch my body, make me feel good all over, I miss that, I have not felt that in so long, I crave it, see it on tv and get sad, because I want to be touched like that as well, deep passionate love making… my mind wonders….now I understand why some women do chat on their husband’s, it is not right, not saying that, but I understand…and sometimes I think about it to…wanting to be touched, and have a passionate love making, where he totally touches you every where, kisses you so deeply, touches every fiber of your body, and not just focus on one part…there is more to a woman’s body than just her pussy!! we have a whole body to be touched…and I miss it, never really had it before, where a man touches you all over, and makes you feel like a woman and a half….so my mind wonders about having an affair, desperate to be touched, and fucked really good, but then my conscience takes over and I cannot do that to my husband, even though he is doing it to me, so it is a battle.

Because my husband cheating, I am thinking about leaving the marriage…it honestly has been over in a lot of areas for along time, so leaving has been on my mind. If I do, never will I be in another relationship….be on my own and have some serious fun!!!!!

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3 Responses to “Husband cheating on me”

  1. the gentle Says:

    i will be traveling to canada this tuesday, i am sure i can help you release your frustration. email me at [email protected]

  2. Ally for all Says:

    wow i must say that what you wrote was quite good, and arousing. i can understand the struggle with your conscience, as a guy i would want someone who is as faithful as you.

  3. Christine MacDonald Says:

    well it wass not an invitation for sex with someone else, really, I don’t think I could cheat on my husband, but he seems to find no problem with it, being out of twon he thinks he will not get caught, being with your partner long enough you know when something is up, with the no interest much in our sex, but hey okay to go and fuck slimey whores….i can certainly understand why affairs happen in marriages, i sometimes want to but could not bring myself to it, but missing the touch of another, crave being touched, and fucked really good, miss the feeling of really great sex that makes you go wow…sad I cannot get it from my husband….yet he gets enraged if another man comes near me, right….

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