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Too Easy to Steal my Sugar Daddy from Kamloops

The short and sweet is …

He found me on a website and started chatting and he was so easy to steal away from his long time girlfriend ….just at their 10 year anniversary.

I hooked up with him in May, 2020 when she wasn’t around and he was so drunk and was the worst fuck I ever experienced….sloppy and limp and couldn’t finish. So i left. He begged me to see him again and offered to pay for a place for me to stay in Kamloops and then took me to work with him in Alberta and stay in his hotel for a month or more…convinced him to dump his girlfriend.

When we returned to Kamloops he brought me too and i hid in the house and his girlfriend didn’t know and she had video cameras around the house cause she suspected us. So I dressed up like her and we re-enacted a few videos for her. We had fun acting the bedroom scenes and re added them to her video captures for her to see. He did what I wanted and told him this should make her leave. But it didn’t. So I kept having as many hookups as I could and go topless for him A LOT and he was already in love and ready to leave his house and her and kid for me. He sent her an email around the anniversary to tell her he is unhappy ans leaving her and I hinted to ignore her for a month or so to show me he was serious. So he did and he made plans to move out and pay for a place for us in Barrie, Ontario so she wouldn’t find out about us. He moved out and she is still in Kamloops in his house and I told him its the right thing to do cause she is so toxic and don’t give her time of day and let friends know he is kicking her to the curb cause he is so unhappy. So he has paid for a new house and I don’t even think he even has a thought of her haha. No Christmas or newyears. He is mine, got my sugar daddy and some very nice diamond rings that are mine now and he is so gullible but got money. And he told me she was nothing special , but she was far to pretty not to steal him away and soon will have a lot.
Cant fix desperate cheating men with lot of money.

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