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Lie about a pregnancy to breakup my boytoy’s relationship

I had a friend with benefits who I had been with for just over a year. I knew nothing more would ever happen between us as we were cut from different types of fabrics. He was 7 years younger than I and into partying all the time. I was into school and trying to get my degree. But we would get together a few times a week to have sex.

Just near the end of our relationship he met a girl and started to date her so our encounters started to decrease and this made me mad. Not because he was seeing her but because we were having less sex. All I wanted from him was a good time.

Just as school was letting out for the year I told him that I was pregnant. I wasn’t really but I wanted him to panic and break up with his girlfriend so he would be miserable. I wanted him to feel something for me. I wanted to see what he would do. He broke up with his girlfriend and planned on moving in with me to make “everything” right. Just before he was about to move in I faked a miscarriage and told him that he didn’t need to move in now.

I have never told anyone that I faked a pregnancy or the miscarriage. He has moved on and so did I. I was just happy to know that I ruined his life for one summer out of his perfect life.


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