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I am bored with my boyfriend and I like my best friend!

My secret is that I can’t choose between two guys I am very close to. One of them is my current boyfriend and the other one is my best friend. I have been with my boyfriend for about one year and I think I was still in love with him until two weeks ago. Then suddenly there was nothing left. I lied to him couple of times but told him everything about it. There were no secrets. But as time went by, all became boring. All seemed so routine. Somehow we had so many plans together and dreams of the future but all seems empty.

The other guy is my best friend for nearly 12 years. I went to school with him in Prince George and we still kiss and hug each other when we meet. All of a sudden I am thinking of him as my boyfriend. Everything seems so dynamic with him. Seems everything is exciting with him.

I just don’t know what to do!!


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