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My sister is a lesbian

My sister told my family she was a lesbian when I was in grade 2. My family was so embarrassed because they were very religious. They were blaming themselves for my sister’s sexual orientation! I didn’t understand what was going on because I was so young. Then one day my sister comes home and says she changed her name to a male name because she feels like a man inside. I was horrified and was not sure what was going on again. I was in grade 4 by this time. I never told anyone I had a sister since then. My sister/brother (!) was disowned by my family. Now that I am grown up I wish I could take it all back because I still love my sister/brother. I want to tell the world how proud I am to have my sister but at the same time I feel ashamed. I am afraid that people will judge me or my family. Thank god for this site. Now I can tell entire Prince George that my sister is a lesbian and I love her.


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