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Want to cheat to have no strings attached affair

This secret is eating me inside. I am glad I could finally let it go on this site. My secret is that I want to cheat on my boyfriend and have a no strings attached affair with the security guard at the University of Maine. This security guard also goes to the same gym as I. I heard he had a wife or at least a girlfriend through my friends. Last week we were talking and I asked him if he had a girlfriend (I knew I didn’t want to hear the answer). He said kind of, my heart stopped because I thought he would say yes. I know this is bad but why would someone say they sort of have a girlfriend when everyone else knows they are either married or in a committed relationship? Well that doesn’t matter because I would do anything to get a chance to sleep with him. But the thing is I have a boyfriend who I have been with for almost seven years, yet I can’t stop thinking about wanting to be with this other man. I flirt with him every chance I get and he doesn’t seem to mind. I would have an affair with him in a heartbeat, no strings attached. I want him so badly. I know this is bad, but sometimes I love being bad and act on my fantasy.


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