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One Liners

This page is dedicated to the confessions or secrets submitted by those who didn’t have a story to share but had an equally interesting thoughts/deeds.

LocationMy Secrets
New JerseyI plan to fuck my ex-husband Ryan … and will enjoy the thought of his girlfriend not knowing.
Newtown, PennsylvaniaI jerk off into my wife's panties daily , and she knows it. I take a pair & tell her I'm rugging one out & she just said "OK."
TerraceI feel lonely. I’ve been hiding it from other people and let them see a new “improved” me. I am a shy and quiet person, and I want to change that image form other people.
KamloopsI never was attracted to him. I love him with all my heart, and always will. But every time I call him gorgeous it’s a lie.
Prince GeorgeI’m tired of being the good girl and getting hurt, I’m turning the tables and I’ll bask in the impending chaos that is sure to happen.
AthabascaI’ve lied about horrible things to people to make them feel sorry for me. I do it out of habit, and I always feel rotten afterwards. I feel like I am a drama queen.
NanaimoI am scared that you’ll leave me for her again.
Prince GeorgeI cant believe I'm in this situation again. I already have four kids with three different guys and I am pregnant again by someone else. I wish I would have learned my lesson but I am such a slut.
Williams LakeI like getting naked!
QuesnelI have always felt empty inside.
White RockI have a phobia of getting fat. I even have nightmares sometimes.
Prince GeorgeI have pretended for almost 7 years to be a friend to another woman because I secretly hated her. The only reason I am "friends" is because our daugthers are on a sports team together and I want them to hang out because her daughter is a little better than mine. I feel like if my daughter can hang around the other girl this will decrease the competition between them. However, I have recently severed our "friendship" but she doesn't know that I've secretly hated her for years because she is a bragging, brown nosing hypocrite.
Campbell RiverI know this is messed up but I had sex with my first cousin.
TerraceAt various times in my life I’ve had sex dreams about both of my parents and almost all of my siblings. It's such a taboo. Recently I had about my dad, where we were trying to get away from my mom so we could fool around, I wanted to be his good little girl. I woke up feeling pretty disgusted and turned on at the same time.
QuesnelI want to be gang raped and left feeling like worthless.
Prince GeorgeI've been cheating on my boyfriend with the same guy since before we were officially together. Its been going on for two years. I don't even like the other guy. The sex is just too good.
NanaimoThe thought of being restrained / tied up / pinned down really turns me on. Not in a scary way but in a sexy playful way ... so hot!
Dawson CreekI used to have threesome with my ex bf and my girlfriends all the time. My bf would tell me what girl he wanted and then we would come on to them. I loved it.
Prince GeorgeI want to be forced into sex by a man!
Prince GeorgeI am a married woman and I've been going to an erotic massage practitioner and it's changed my life.
Williams LakeI am 17 year old and addicted to sex. I like watching porn and wish guys here would fuck me no questions asked!
OhioI want to masturbate while being watched by a guy, I think it would be so hot for a guy to get up close and personal while I'm handling business ... maybe have him handcuffed so I can watch him squirm as he watches me get myself off.
CaliforniaEven though I really care about my boyfriend he can't satisfy me sexually. So I cheat on him any chance I get with a guy that uses me purely for sex. I give him blowjobs and I love how rough he is about it. He grabs my hair and shoves his huge dick down my throat. Whenever my boyfriend and I are having sex I fantasize about this other man. I beg him to fuck my face and dream of him telling me I'm a dirty whore while using me like the slut I am.
VictoriaI'm a teacher and I fantasize about my students.
Prince GeorgeI really want to show off my thongs in public but I'm nervous about it like what if someone I know see's it or something.
QuesnelI am 15 and I'd love to be dominated by a guy. I have a fantasy of being tied down and fucked hard.
CalgaryI have always wanted get double penetration. Must feel like heaven. I want it so badly!
WashingtonI just started university. Grew up in a conservative Christian family. I wanna get drunk at a party and have lots of guys fuck me in both my holes and really make me their slutty little bitch.
EdmontonI want to be rapped by the guy I met online.
LondonI want to be shoved up against a wall and taken advantage of. I want someone to do me as hard and fast as they can dominating me. I want to be bitten all over. I want to be bruised.
IllinoisI am a girl and I cum way to much. Is there something wrong with me? Do i need help?
OhioMy boyfriend told me I should douche because I'm 'not as fresh as i was before.'. Well that's funny, he didn't seem to mind today when we were fucking.
OhioThe thought of my boyfriend coming in me turns me on.
MackenzieI really like the idea of being completely naked and on a collar and lease for a dominant partner who can do anything to me.
New YorkI just taped my wife masturbating in the shower. I was shocked at what I saw.
KentuckyI really want my girlfriend to masturbate in front of me, but i know she would never, so i dont ask.
EdmontonMy wife is cheating on me and I don't know what to do.
New YorkMy sister is a year older than me and I peeked at her lots of times when she was having shower or getting changed until she was about 22.
EdmontonI have been sleeping with my best friend for 10 years, I got married last week and when he came to my hotel we had sex just after I got married.
CalgaryShowing my boobs on chatroulette turns me on.
Prince GeorgeMy fantasy is that I'm the only male in a room with 100 naked women in. They each have a condom and they all get an hour each to do what they want with me.
OntarioMy mom gave me a blowjob.
Prince GeorgeI can't believe so many people in PG are so sex crazed. Any stranger i see on the street could be these people.
CalgaryIm a 30 year married woman and every time I see my gardener I fantasize of us having sex.
Prince GeorgeWhen I read these confessions about people cheating on their significant other, I wonder how many of my significant others have done things like that to me.
Prince Georgebeastiality turns me on …
TerraceMy girlfriend is a skinny girl but deepdown I wish she was curvy.
Fort St. JohnI am married but am having sex with my secretary in my office almost every weekdays.
Fort St. JohnI have cried myself to sleep almost every night, for years.
QuesnelMy best friend's brother just told me he he loves me but I love his sister and his sister is in love with me too!
DundasI am a married man who has a very unfullfiling sex life at home. I work with a women who has the same issue at home. We are both dancing around the issue but I think we may be sleeping together soon.
Prince GeorgeMy boyfriend isn't sexually attracted to me so I don't even bother shaving anymore.
CaliforniaI've always wanted to be with a black girl.
VancouverI'm 18 and I never been in love until now. But the problem is that I'm in love with my best friend, and we're both male. I'm so confused and it's so good to finally share this with everyone because this has been killing me.
EdmontonI have cried myself to sleep almost every night, for years. I am just depressed all the time.
OntarioI am 21 years old, I keep hearing everyone talk about getting the "feeling" when they meet "THE ONE". I got that feeling. But I regret I got it when I met a guy who doesn't care for me at all. I will always have a place in my heart for him, no matter who I end up with
Prince GeorgeI slept with one of my friend's boyfriend, twice when they were together and once after they broke up. She confronted me about it, I lied. I am not sorry!
QuesnelI hate my life. I could have been so much more! Sometimes I dread getting up in the morning. Occasionally I hate being married or having kids, I hate living here, but I really just hate my life.
MackenzieI lie. I'm not really sure why I do. I seem to have no problem doing it. I lie to strangers in particular - about my job, my hobbies, who I actually am.
VancouverI still love the girl I broke up with and sometimes I want to kill myself.
LondonI think about him everyday and I hate it! He's my sister's ex-boyfriend and I'm too shy and scared to tell him how I feel. It's so hard to have feelings for somebody.
CoquitlamMy new coworker Sarah is a complete bitch. She has sucked up to everyone and has convinced them she actually knows what she is doing. I think she is trying to sleep her way to the top.
ReginaI want to give a man a blowjob to see what it is like.
Prince AlbertMy friends and family don't know that I didn't get my college degree. I failed 2 classes.
Prince GeorgeI love my boyfriend every day more and more. I have never told him that because I am too busy goofing off or pretending to be mad at him. I really love you J.
CalgaryAn ex of mine used to be quite rough and loved pinning my arms above my head while he finished. I wouldn't mind taking it one step further and seeing what happens.
QuesnelI hate you for fucking me and saying immediatly after that we shouldn't have, and that you liked someone else.
CloverdaleI want you to be happy, but right now, I wish you were dead for cheating on me Crystal.
SaskatoonMy boyfriend is an Escort.
VancouverI don't know why I hate my mom being gay when I'm bi-sexual myself.
QuesnelI love another man but we both are married to others. He doesn't know I love him!
Prince GeorgeI am gong to have sex for money.
WindsorI pretend I am an escort on Plenty of Fish and guys fall for it. They send me money and gifts!
Prince GeorgeI am 21 year old girl going to College of New Caledonia and I fart in the class.
VancouverI am a female model in Vancouver and I pick my nose.
QuesnelI love fat chicks.
CloverdaleI am 21, living in Cloverdale and never had a boyfriend. I am sleeping around with many guys though. Even the married ones.
WinnipegI cheated on my husband. It was the worst mistake I have ever made in my life. I haven't told him yet, and I don't know if I am going to.
VancouverI am sick and tired of hearing people say "get over it" or the "feeling sorry for yourself" line of bull. Maybe it's not their fault life is kicking them in the crotch while they're down.
NanaimoI always fall for the one person who can't love me back.
ParksvilleI'm a seventeen year old girl, and i LOVE women!:)
DuncanI want to know what prompted this warning label on our stroller!! "Remove child before folding and storing." SERIOUSLY??
WellingtonI want to lose my virginity to an escort!
BurnabyI want to sleep with my mom's new boyfriend!
Dawson CreekI drink at work.
Prince GeorgeI cannot stand my neighbors or their children.
SurreyI'm 15 and I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I don't know how to tell my parents.
Wellingtonmy boyfriend doesn't know that im a bisexual. I am thinking of surprising him on his birthday with another girlfriend of mine!
Prince GeorgeI am in love with my frist cousin!
OntarioI can not be trusted around school computers.
QuesnelI love my cat more than I love my boyfriend. Thats why we broke up! Can't believe it.
SaskatoonI had sex with my best friend's girlfriend on his boat while he went to buy her an engagement ring.
CalgaryI'm 18 year old male and in lust with a 38 year old woman whom I've been talking to for awhile on the internet and have made plans to get together she has 3 kids. One of them is 19 years old.
TorontoUPS Uniforms turn me on.
Prince GeorgeI'm sleeping with my business associate because he's better at it than my husband.
OntarioI'm a 32 year old married woman. When I met my husband five years ago I was working in a message parlor wearing a binki. I had sex at least 3 times a day with different guys, made tons of money and quit after I got married. My husband still doesn't know.
Coquitlam secretly lust after my half-brother. I love him, and I can't get him off of my mind even though he is younger than me.
MackenzieThe webcam girl I have been chatting with for a while doesn't want me as a customer anymore. She wants to be my girlfriend.
SmithersI am 17 yrs old and desperate to loose my virginity and I'm trying to find someone so bad.
Williams LakeI had sex with a guy who is 20 years younger than me.
ReginaI'm Asian and recently married to a beautiful Asiam woman, but I keep thinking about having sex with a woman outside of my race. I have never had sex with a white/black/latina woman. Plus I don't think my fantasy of having a threesome will ever happen.
Don MillsI had sex with a vacuum cleaner once.
KelownaI've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. One day, this guy that's been texting me came over to watch a movie. We ended up having sex... I did it to see if I really love my boyfriend and came to the conclusion I do, and he's all I want and need.
QuesnelI had sex in Wal-mart, while working!
VancouverI've been having sex with a co-worker for about six months, the bad thing is her hubby is my coworker.
BurnabyI am lusting after a good friend whose marriage is in trouble. I am counting the days he would be single again. I am trying to be a good friend and help him, but I want him so bad I could scream!
WoodstockI will randomly listen to dirty songs in school, then masterbate in the restroom.
KingstonI live with my boyfriend but I recently met a guy who is HOT. I've thought about sneaking away and having sex with the other guy, but I haven't figured out how to do it without getting caught.
100 Mile HouseI'm so totally in love with this guy friend. He has no clue as to how i feel. We have amazing sex, and I love to laugh with him and feel so safe in his arms.
WindsorI have pictures of the V.P. of the company I work for giving me oral sex in her office before I got hired.
Berlin, GermanyI have seen my son masturbate on numerous occasions. I get aroused every time I watch him.
Prince GeorgeI am in love with my best friend and when having sex with my boyfriend I picture my best friend and I.
CalgaryI want to be raped my stepdad. I hear my mom every night moaning and it turns me on. I want him so bad!
Prince GeorgeAge play turns me on. Playing a little girl gets me off. I love daddies who want that.
VancouverOh your boyfriend cheated? Please tell me how that is entire male population's fault? Have you thought ever that it might just be you? And that its not everyone's fault?
LexingtonI am a married 30 something man with an exhibitionist fantasy. One day, while at work, I answered a Craigslist ad from another man. I went to his apartment, took off all my clothes and masturbated for him. I could tell he was really getting into the show. When I was done, I just put my clothes back on and left.
Floridaolder sissy faggot i dream of men and women using me lke i am a girl with hugh cocks strapons while i am dressed in silky panties and sheer nightie bra and glue on breasts i love being forced to suck cock and eat cum from a woman and love black ladies fucking me with a strapon while a hugh black man makes me suck his hugh hard black meat.
VictoriaI am a professor and I wonder if I will sleep with my students?
Williams LakeI secretly want to be a porn star or work at a strip club.
NetherlandSometimes I know I'm a slut when I look in the mirror and see not the innocent doe eyed girl with long blonde hair that messily decks her brilliant head but this monstrosity ... in leather, whip cuff and strap on.
New YorkI like to wear women's clothes. I love the sexy feeling I get when I wear women's panties. I am not a cross dresser, I'm not into guys, but there's something alluring about the thought of wearing a skirt and having the wind blow up through my legs while in public.
Dawson CreekI only wear thongs . I Love the sexy lines of the imprint they leave you to see on my pants.
TerraceMy wife and I enjoy other couples or females to watch us have sex.
RichmondI want to have a threesome with another guy and my husband but my husband is not into that!
Prince GeorgeI want to be pinned against a wall by a random stranger get fucked. It seems so hot!
Medicine HatMy boyfriend and I were watching a movie in the cinema earlier, and everytime I caught a whiff of his natural scent, I'd get so horny and feel my pussy throb. I guess we're really biologically compatible.
Prince GeorgeI am a college student and sell my used panties online. I think one of my instructors just bought one of my used panties!
EnglandI am a boy and I have touched my uncle's penis when I was 10 and I regret that I didn't put it in my mouth. I think I was a little scared because my older sister was there watching it.
VancouverI love my girlfriend, but when we are having sex I imagine her to be my best friend's girl friend!
TorontoI watch my aunts breasts when she feeds my cousin who is 6 months old and then masturbate later imagining sucking them. I want to have sex with her!
Prince GeorgeI was talking to this girl for a while from POF. We met up at the Pine Center Mall. I wasn't really attracted to her. We went to my car. She blew me, I came in her mouth, she swallowed. Now I am ignoring her.
Prince GeorgeI recently moved back to my mother's house from Quesnel. Over the course of this week I am beginning to suspect my mothers husband (my stepfather) of fucking my 17 year old sister.
CalgaryI want to fuck my best friend's wife.
MackenzieI want to be raped so bad. I want my tight pussy to be destroyed. I want to be chocked and my hair pulled.
Dawson CreekI want someone to rape me. Just straight up, on the street, shove me onto the ground, pull down my pants, push my panty aside and fuck me until I bleed.
Prince GeorgeI am in grade 11. I have liked this boy for forever and sometimes I have dreams about him coming into my room and fucking me until I cum. I like him so much that I might blow him so he'll like me back ... I hope.
VictoriaI have been giving my father in law blowjobs for over 6 years now. He calls me his little "blowjob doll." I have probably swallowed more of his cum than I have my husbands.
RichmondI masturbate over the girl's in my class regularly. It seems fine until I start to do it in class!
VancouverI slept with my professor just for the experience. But now I am in love with him
Prince GeorgeI want my professor to fuck me.
TorontoI like to get high and have rough sex. Nothing feels better to me than getting fucked hard while stoned.
RichmondSometimes when my wife and I are having sex she pretends to be our daughter.
Prince GeorgeEvery time I fuck my wife, I think of her little sister.
Prince GeorgeEver since the first vacation we took with my husbands parents I have been having sex with my father-in-law. He takes any opportunity to get me alone to fuck me and he treats me like his little cum slut. I love it.
CalgaryI just slept with my professor and I want to sleep with him again.
QuesnelI'm married and 61 years old and have been sleeping with a neighbor girl who is 18.
CalgaryI fucked our babysitter while she was looking after our children.
Prince GeorgeI grew up in Christian family but all I can think of is someone fucking me hard at my school. I am in grade 10.
Prince GeorgeI want my best friends dad to fuck me. I want to be his dirty little slut.
Prince GeorgeI want to fuck my daughter's friend!
Prince GeorgeI have been dating my professor for about 3 years. I am the reason he divorced his wife.
Prince GeorgeI told my boyfriend tonight, he can do whatever he wanted to me in the bedroom ... I mean literally whatever ... Instead he is watching TV downstairs!
QuesnelI want to fuck my boyfriend's brother. Better yet, have a threesome with him and my boyfriend!
TerraceI'm a guy and I fucked my cousin sister when we were in middle school. It was a small town and we were more curious than sexually attracted.
Burns LakeMy boyfriend does not know it but I sell my used panties online.
Prince GeorgeI use a remote vibrator during my classes!
Grand PrairieI think my wife is faking orgasms because after we are done, she waits until she thinks I'm asleep and masturbates. I keep wondering if it's because I'm not satisfying her, or maybe somebody else is!!!
Prince GeorgeI want to blind fold myself, wait at the end of my bed on the floor on my knees. A "stranger" could come in and push his cock out and run it over my lips taking his fingers and pushing them into my mouth... I would let him deep throat me and make me take all of him for as long as he wanted. I'd beg him to fuck me and use me to his satisfaction. I want to be used as a dirty little slut.