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I am the other woman!

I am scared and worried. I live in Quesnel with my fiancé. I am about to get married, but my step children do not know I was the reason why their father divorced their mom. They don’t know that other woman in their father’s life who destroyed their happy family is me. They adore me and love me. They know there was a female involved with their dad during their parents marriage they just do not know it is me. I really feel guilty. I am worried if they find out some day, it will cause nothing but heartaches for the children. I someday wish their dad would call off the wedding and go back to be with their mom. I wish we never met. I always wished NOT to be a homewrecker, but now I am one. I really feel guilty. I met there father online on Pleny of Fish. He seemed nice. I was told he was separated. Then after almost 2 years he told me he was leaving his wife. I got very attached to him and his children. I just didn’t want to leave it all. Now I am not sure what to do.


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