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Cheating with no regrets

Monday, June 11th, 2012

I have been married for some time; my wife hasn’t touched me in a long time. I have been in physical need for so long. Then this girl showed some interest in me one night. She felt so soft. She gave me what I craved for so long just someone to listen to me and touch me. I do admit that it wasn’t sexual at first. Just a little flirting rubs up against me every now and then. In return I would rub up against her. Then one night all she did was smile at me she gave me that come here look. I just melted. I sat next to her, so nervous my heart was just pounding. I motioned to put my hand on her leg, still not sure. I looked at her and she smiled. So I caressed her legs and she did so as well in return. Her touch felt so good it aroused me in such a way that I couldn’t stop after that. We kissed each other, we made out for what felt like hours.

I can still smell her sweet scent. Then we made love, she was great. It was like she knew me, knew how I wanted her. We still see each other, from time to time. Did I mention that she has been common law for quite some time now and she has kids? She has told me that she was in the same predicament as I am but like me we don’t want to leave our spouses for the children’s sake. But we still have our little secret. This is due to the fact that our spouses still have not tried to touch us. One day I will be able to wake up next to this gorgeous creature every morning. That would be the greatest waking up next to this beautiful woman who knows me. I know we both are cheating on our spouses but we feel no regret!

Cheated all my life

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

I started cheating before we got married with a few of her friends. Then when we were on our honeymoon, I woke up early she wanted to sleep in so I went outside and there was a woman having a smoke we started talking next thing we were in her room fucking. After we finished I went back to our room a started to eat my wife’s pussy. Over the years I’ve been with lots of women and a few men also. I had sex with 2 of my daughter’s friends so far both are over 21.I guess I’m just a male slut that will fuck anyone.

My best friends boyfriend

Friday, April 20th, 2012

When I was just in high school my two friends would date and seeing them kiss would often make me jealous. So one night I invited him over so we could watch movies like old times. When we were eating popcorn he claimed to accidentally drop some popcorn down my shirt and he stuck his hand in there getting the popcorn. Then a moan escaped my lips and the whole entire movie he was rubbing my inner thigh until a sex scene came. He moved closer and closer till I could feel the hot breath on my neck and he started to kiss my neck. Then lower to my breast he started rubbing them and squeezing them. He then kissed me and I was frozen but I soon kissed back and we had an intense passionate make out session. He slipped his fingers in my shorts rubbing my cunt stuck his fingers in then finally he said if I was ready. I answered yes. He told me to strip and so I did. Then he started kissing down my body then I felt this pain realized he put his 10 inch cock inside of me it felt so good it lasted for about 5 minutes then we passed out. In the morning I soon realized it was so wrong then. He told me it was our secrete and he kissed me one last time and then he left. This has been going on for about a year now behind her back.