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I have a crush on a girl

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

I am a girl, and I like a girl who has a girlfriend. No one knows I want her, because no one knows I love girls. This is causing turmoil in me because I don’t know if I am a lesbian or straight or bi. So it leaves me with a dilemma, I can’t tell anyone. But I don’t know because I have never kissed either sex. I am so confused, but all I know is that I LOVE HER. I have never had a proper/playful conversation with her yet. She is in one of my classes and sits on the other side of the classroom. I never had the opportunity to talk to her, but I have pretty much turned into a stalker. I am so in love, all I want to do is see her all the time.

Crush on a girl

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

I have a huge crush on a girl!

She is in my school I got a crush on and she is really cute and sexy but the problem is that I don’t know her and I’m really shy to talk with girls which is a big problem in my life.

It was one day in school I saw this girl were sitting some meters away from me when we were eating lunch and I couldn’t stop watching her so everday I was waiting for her come to the lunch so I can watch her.

Everyday I’m sitting on a window and looking out in the morning and see her walking towards the school and I can’t stop look at her and think about her….

Everyday I want to confess or try become a friend with her.

I’ve liked her for ‘one year’ now and still can’t talk to the girl.

So before the summer I decided to confess to her but I will probably fail :c

But guys/girls do you got any ideas I can do?

I really like this girl! Don’t know how to go about this “crush on a girl” thing! I am falling for her.