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First time blowjob at a theater

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

I can vividly recall the first time I had my cock sucked was in a movie theater by my dad’s friend. I was only 16 years of age. My dad’s friend Tom was in his 30’s, married with 1 toddler, friendly, and often treated me very nice like buddies. One day, he asked me to go to movie with him as he told his wife that he just felt like spending time with his buddy. He picked the middle row, and there weren’t many people around. Shortly after the movie started, he placed his arm around my shoulder and asked me if I enjoyed the movie so far. He then placed his hand on my lap and lightly squeezed my lap just to tell me that he was happy that I agreed to go to movie with him as he just wanted to get away from his family once in a while for “fresh air.” I realized then he did not move hand from my lap but just kept it there. All of sudden, I felt his hand slowly move up inch by inch until it landed on my crotch. I din’t know what to say or expect, and I just sat there pretending I did not notice anything but continued to focus on the movie. Suddenly, my cock began to twitch and started to slowly grow. Feeling embarrassed, I continued to sit still and watched the movie. Tom also just had his eyes fixed to the movie screen and did not say anything — probably pretending he did not notice anything. Then, I began to feel his finger very lightly tracing the shaft of my cock until reaching the head. He started to lightly encircle my mushroom head and gently press on it alternatively as if he was enjoying that spongy/bouncy feeling of it. It felt so good that I did not even motion or ask him to stop. Interestingly, throughout the time he kept encircling and pressing my throbbing cock, we both just pretended nothing was going on, just continue to watch the movie. My cock continued to grow until it got very stiff that it could poke through my trousers! It continued to pulsate uncontrollably to his soft teasing finger that I though could just ejaculate! It felt so wonderful that I just wanted to enjoy it as long as possible. Once in a while, I took a peek at my trousers and noticed a big tenting that kept pulsating as his finger continue to trace the outline of my bulge and pressing on my swollen and spongy head. I could now feel my precum leaking as his finger kept on encircling my peehole enjoying the slippery feeling. At this point, I did not know what to do or say as this was weird because I had never had another man touching my cock like that. Surprisingly, Tom whispered in my ear and asked me if I liked what he was doing, and shyingly, I just lightly nodded my head. He then asked me if I needed to go pee, and I just said not really, although my bladder was getting a little full. He then told me that it would not be good to hold back from peeing. I thought might as well to go pee and get over with so I could come back for him to continue to play with my cock. As I got up to walk into the men’s restroom, I was surpised as I felt Tom’s hand on my shoulder directing me into a a toilet stall. There was one man urinating in the urinal and I did not think he saw us both guys going into the toilet stall together. As Tom locked the door behind him, he put the toilet seat lid down and guided me to stand on it, unsure what he meant by all this. Later I realized he had me stand on toilet so that way no one would think there were 2 guys together in the stall. His face was directly facing my crotch, and without a word, he unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans, and dropped my pants down to my ankles, and my erected cock just sprung out pointing upward. I was confused whether or not I should object, but it felt too good for me to think of stopping him. He sniffed my cock a few times, then he used his finger to smear my glistened droplet of precum at the peehole gliding up and down the slit and around the swollen mushroom head. The feeling was awsome I could just squirt. He then gripped my foreskin with his thumb and index fingers and pulled it over the throbbing spongy head and stretched the foreskin at the same time squeeze the the head to extract more precum and twirled my foreskin with his fingers then retract it all the way down the base of my cock to reveal a wet, shiny, lubricated purplish-red swollen head making it looked very plump and juicy. He continued to do this a few times, then began to milk my cock squeezing it from the base along the shaft to extract a glistened bead if precum seeping at the cock’s slit. He stuck out his tongue and twirled the bead of precum around the spongy head, then puckered his lips and sucked for more juice from the peehole as if a straw. The ticklish sensation just drove me wild. Suddenly, I felt his warm wet mouth enveloping my cock and began to suck it and engulfing my whole cock. Squeezing and grabbing my buttocks, he continued to slowly savour my cock as he sucked and tried swallowing my whole yearning cock. He paused for a second to lick his middle finger, and with one hand still on my buttock, he spread the cheek and startedto encircle my anus with his middle finger from other hand while he continued to suck my stiff cock. Suddenly and unexpectedly he took me by surprise as he inserted his finger into my butthole and moved it in and out while my cock was still moving in and out of his mouth. The feeling was phenomenal that I just couldn’t take it any longer. My throbbing cock started to twitch and engorged. I touched his head and tried to push it away from my pubic area to hint him to take my cock out of his mouth as I was about to cum, as I was afraid he might not like my cum in his mouth. Instead he pushed his head more against my pube as he continued to suck, refusing to let my cock out and at the same time, continued to spread my ass cheeks wide and deeply moved his finger in and out of my rectum. With seconds, I intensely ejaculated into his warm mouth. Spurts after spurts, he continued to suck and my cum was so much that I could see some of it dripped from the corner of his mouth. He managed to swallow it all as not to waste any drop of semen. He kept on sucking and slurping until my cock became flaccid and he pulled it out from his mouth with a pop sound. He quietly told me that my cum was very delicious and tasty and that he had been wanting to suck my cock and eat my semen since he first saw me at my dad’s house. He also said that sucking my cock was more enjoyable that eating his wife’s cunt. I told him that I needed to urinate as my bladder was getting full, and he said, “Let me help you.”. He helped me get down, lifted the toilet seat cover, and held me flaccid cock saying to go ahead. When done peeing, he shook, squeezed, and glided my foreskin up and down the shaft to rid the urine. After pulling up my jeans, he whispered in my ears for he to go back to the theatre and he picked the very last seats to lessen our worries in case someone might see us. Five minutes later, he placed his right hand into my pants and started to findle my balls and play with my cock. My cock quickly grew stiff as he continued to stretch my foreskin and milk it up and down. Within minutes as I was about to come, he cupped my cock in his hand, and I my semen erupted in his hand spurts after spurts. He kept his cumfull hand there on my jerking cock until it went limp. Then he took his hand full of cum off my cock and brought it close to his nose and inhaled deeply. Every now and then, he would just smell my cum and seemed to enjoy savoring it. He said that my semen smelled very good. He began to slurp and lick his hand clean and again told me that it was delicious. Without asking, he grabbed my left hand, placed it in his throbbing bulge, and pressed my hand hard onto his stiffened cock. I was a little hesitant at first but I did not resist, because I had often wondered what it would be like to touch another guy’s cock. He guided my hand into his pants and it felt weird but wonderful. I squeezed his hard cock, glide his foreskin up and down his shaft, and lloved to feel the spongy, bouncy mushroom head. I felt the wetness at the tip of his cock as his precum kept leaking. Within minutes as he was about to ejaculate, he motions me to keep by hand cupping his pulsating cock. Suddenly, my cupped hand felt something very warm oozed from his cock one spurt after another until my hand was filled with warm, slippery, sticky secretion. He told me to keep my cum-filled hand there for a little while until his cock subsided, then suggested I smell it and taste it. I took a shot at smelling it a few times, but hesitant in tasting it. He asked to describe the cum odor and I told him that it smelled bleachy. He insisted that I tasted the cum from another guy just to know what it would be like as this would be a very good opportunity to try, like he himself just did. To satisfy him, I started to stick out my tongue and licked it. It was not as bad as I thought, just sort of weird taste, but sort of delicious in a way. He asked me to him what the cum tasted like, and I told him it was slimy, sticky, salty, but somehow a little sweet. He further suggested that I licked the rest of his semen to clean up my hand without the hassel of going to restroom to get the paper towel. I couldn’t believe I actually licked all his cum off my hand and swallowed it willingly. He asked me to keep all this a secret between him and I and that his wife would never know and hoped that my parents would also never know. That was the first time I had ever touched, smelled, and tasted another man’s cock and cum. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to suck a cock since, as time was short and he and his family had to relocate to another state due to his job. I regreted for not having an opportunity to suck his cock. Up to now, I haven’t had my cock sucked by another guy nor have I sucked another guy’s cock. Since that wonderful incidence, I have become bi-curious and have loved the aromatic semen smell and taste. I have girls who suck my cock but it’s not the same. Tom and I lost contact. So, Tom, if you’re somewhere out there and happen to read this, I hope you respond so we can meet to bring back my innocent memories! I want the blowjob again.

Gave oral sex and blowjob to a co-worker

Monday, July 9th, 2012

First of all, this is a true story that I have never told anyone. Last year, a co-worker and I had to go on a business trip with our boss to see a client in Ohio. My co-worker who’s name is Nathan is 22 years old and 6 years younger than I am. We get to the town where our customer is located and the three of us go to dinner. After dinner I ask my boss if Nathan and I can take his car to a local bar. Of course our boss has his own room but Nathan and I have to share a room with two beds.

We find a bar down the street and have a number of drinks and decide to leave. Next to the bar is a massage parlor and an adult book store that I had visited on my last trip to Toledo. Nathan was giddy to check out the book store since he had never been in one before. We go in and I tell him that there are video booths in the back and he wanted to see what I was talking about. I bought a few tokens and hand one to him and tell him to go in and check it out. I watched which booth he went into and went into the one next to him but he didn’t know.

Once in I could see through the hole between the booths that Nathan was rubbing his cock that was still in his pants. He was flipping channels and before long he took his pants off. Not the biggest cock I had even seen but it was nice. I don’t think he noticed the hole in the wall because I hadn’t put my token in to start a movie and my booth was still dark.

So I put two fingers in the hold and moved them for him to see them. He noticed and leaned over and asked what I wanted. He didn’t know it was me though. I made the “come here” motion with my fingers and he stood up and put his cock in the hole. That is when I started sucking it. But he pulled back after just a minute or two and I could see he was getting on his knees. SO I stood up and put my cock through the hole and he started sucking me. I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t long before I was Cumming in his mouth. It was obviously great.

When I finished cumming I stood there with my cock still in the hole wanting him to still play with it but there was nothing. So I pulled out and carefully looked in the hole and he was gone.

After a few minutes I left too. Nathan was nowhere to be found so I left the store and there he was outside the store. I asked him if he watched a video and he said year but it was stupid so he left. I knew he still had no idea he just sucked my cock and I came in his mouth.

As we drove back to the hotel and even once in the hotel room he just went on and on about how he was horny and was going to fuck his girlfriend like a porn star when he go home. Of course acting all straight and not mentioning that he just sucked a cock. I never said word to him and still go to work each day knowing that he gave me one hell of a blowjob.