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My mom having sex with me

Friday, November 19th, 2010

One day I walked in on my parents having sex. I ran out of the room. 1 minute later my dad came in and said I’m sorry yup had to see that but it’s a fact of life. So one day I went into my parents room and looked in cabinets and stuff like rummaging. I found sex toys and stiff like that ect. One day I found pics of my mom naked that she had given to my dad for his 40th birthday. My mom came in and saw me looking at them and masturbating to them. She said o! Then she said well now that you have seen me naked I have to do something. I am **. My mom took off her clothes and laid on near bed. And she said come up here with your clothes off. So I did. And she said stick your penis up my vagina. So me and my mom had sex. She left for a minute and came back with her sex toys. She said I have to fuck her and she won’t tell my dad. He is on a business trip. Me and my mom have sex alot now and she is saying to me that i have to do this and it’s great practice and she loves it. I love it too. I can’t believe it but I do. She is so tight and feels soo good! One day she told me to come in near room and she was in the shower. She game me a razor and told me to shave her and then she is going to teach me something else. So I shaved her pussy. She said to come and lay on her couch in the bathroom. So keep in mind that I have never watched porn before but now I do and can’t stop watching it. So while on the couch she said ok I need to teach you about how to lick my pussy. So she tought me and I did. Now I like her pussy and we both cum on each other. I am stillĀ ** and don’t want to stop having sex with my mom but I know it’s bad.

My sex life when I was 11

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Ok so, I’m 12 and a boy and when I was about 9 i met this new kid in my class. His name was Evan. one night we went to a friends house for a sleep over (birthday). We both brought sleeping bags and their was about 10 people their. When It was time to go to sleep me and him zipped our sleeping bags up together, so if I held up a flash light I could see him.

While in the sleeping bag it was very hot and we were both sweating. We have done nothing sexual before this. Then Evan said I have never slept over at anyones house before. So I could tell he was nervous. Then Evan said “let’s cuddle”. So I said ok and we were cuddling. Keep in mind that we r only like 9 so we didn’t now what gay really was. Then Evan said ” I have the biggest boner”. And I replied me too. So Evan said can I touch your penis? And I said sure. So by then we were both touching each others penises. That was that night.

A couple weeks later Evan came to my house. I said let’s go to my room. So when we were up in my room he said I have to change. I said ok. He then took off his pants and underwear. I have never seen his penis before only touched it In the dark. It was about 2 1/2 inches. I said I need to change too. So I took off my pants and Evan said “I was on the Internet last night and I saw these to guys sucking on each others penises and putting them up each others butt holes. I said o. I never watched peon before. Evan said want to try? I said sure. My penis was about 4 inches and starting to grow a little hair. He had none. Se we laid on my bed and started to suck on each others penises taking turns. Then he said let’s go in purr butt holes. I said ok. So we made our butts wet and started to f each other. It went on for a while. Then his mom came to pick him up.

2 years later when I was 11 me and evan went on a family trip to the outer banks. We stayed in my house their. Very large house, me and Evan had separate rooms right across from each other. Another family went with us. They had a girl. She was 12. Almost every day we would come from the pool or the ocean or hot tub and do our thing. Me and the girl had crushes on each other. And finally that year right after my birthday their I could finally sperm and ejaculate. Evan couldn’t. The girl was very much in puberty. She defiantly had her period already. One day I was masturbating. Not with Evan by myself. The girl walked in my room. She saw what I was doing and just came in and laid down next to me. She said have you ever wanted to have sex? I said yea sometimes. She said well do u want to? I said yes! So we started having sex and we just did it. She was shaved completely. I asked if she ever had hair and she said yea I shaved. I said o and she said I don’t like the hair on my skin. I said o. So she said i’ll be rite back. She ran and got a razor. So we went into the shower in my room and she shaved me. I looked like a little boy exept my penis was now about 5 inches. So we went back to my bed and started having sex agian. After a while I pulled out and she said what are you doing? I said I have to cum sooner or later. She said o. And then she said cum in my mouth. So I did. And she said now let’s swap it back and forth in our mouths. I didn’t now what she wanted or why she did this. But we started spit swapping my cum.

The next day we had sex again. And I had it with Evan too both at different times. For the next two weeks me and Evan had sex he liked tp call it a massage.

I also almost everyday had sex with the girl. I have never told anyone this before. I am not gay I have not done anything with evan I. About a year and never had sex again. I’m now 20 and masturbate every day.