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My Wife Seduced by Guy with Huge Cock

Monday, January 6th, 2014

My wife and I had been having some trouble with our marriage. It was really the sex that had become kind of boring. We were good at communicating the way we felt so when the issue of what we could do to spice things up a little came up, we did great and figuring some things out. She asked me what I wanted to do, or what would help me and I confessed that I wanted to get a woman from a site like  and have her come to our home for a threesome. She thought about it for a little while then she told me that she would agree on one condition. If she was going to watch me fuck another woman, I would have to let another man fuck her and watch. I didn’t like that idea much at all but the thought of watching her eat pussy and then being able to fuck another woman in front of my wife was too tempting, so we agreed. I kept droning over letting a guy with huge cock seduce my wife but I went along with it to get what I wanted.


The first night we got a young girl in her 20’s to come out to the house. We had drinks and then moved the party into the bedroom. We were all a bit tipsy from the cocktails and we slowly began to strip down to nothing. I asked the girl to lay down on her back and then directed my wife to go down on her. My wife started licking the girl’s pussy until it was wet. That is when I gently moved my wife aside and got onto the bed. I flipped the girl over onto her stomach and slowly slid my cock into her pussy. I began pounding the shit out of her, turned on even more because my wife was watching me. When it was all over we didn’t discuss it. Somewhere in my mind I was hoping my wife wouldn’t make me go through with my promise.


The next day when I arrived home from work there was a man standing in my living room. My wife smiled at me and told me it was my turn.  I reluctantly followed them into the bedroom and watched as my wife took her clothes off. The man slowly unzipped his pants, all the while staring at me instead of my wife. That made me quite uncomfortable, but what my wife was planning made my head spin. She told me that I had to get him started just like she had gotten the other woman started. I had never had a homosexual activity and now my wife was asking me to put a cock in my mouth. I was ready to refuse when she told me that we would be able to do a lot of new things if I would just do this. I conceded and went down on him until he was rock hard, then I watched as this guy with huge cock seduced my wife. I watched as he fucked her in every position imaginable, and then to my surprise she let him fuck her in the ass. I was jerking off the whole time and when I got ready to come, I shoved my cock in her mouth so she could swallow it.

Voyeurism in me: Love knowing I am being watched

Friday, July 12th, 2013

I used to live in a tiny basement flat in New York. There were very large windows onto the stairwell which allowed lights to stream into the living room. I had thin black venetian blinds on the windows though for privacy in the evenings or so I thought. My neighbor told me anyone could see clearly from the street into the room even when the blinds were closed if the lights were on. He told me this about a year after I moved in. I remember suddenly going through in my mind all the things I had done in that room. I have to say that I didn’t change the window coverings, nor did I stop leaving the lights on when I was with my boyfriends. It has remained a turn on for me to know I’m being watched, even though I didn’t realize it before I became aware of the blinds. I love feeling of voyeurism. I still live in the same apartment.

First blowjob experience through glory hole in New York

Monday, November 12th, 2012

After months of thinking about it I returned to the glory hole at a sex toy store in upstate New York while I was travelling for work from Toronto, hoping this time I would get more than just a handjob. This time I was not disappointed. I entered the booth placed a few coins in the machine and began to watch a video of a girl sucking a cock through a glory hole. Then I heard the bell to open the back entrance to the shop, then the door next to me close and I heard a few coins drop into the machine next door. My heart dropped, that was another guy who is looking for the same experience. The excitement of waiting for someone, you don’t know, to offer their services for your cock is so thrilling. All of a sudden a finger poked through the glory hole. I knew what this meant and I didn’t need any more of an invitation than this. So I placed my cock through the hole, not knowing who the person on the other side was or what they were going to do to me. The person began stroking my cock, but before long he/she was licking it & sucking it. I pumped the wall getting closer & closer to cum. The excitement was too much to hold my cum. Then it happened & I poured my cum into this strangers mouth, after I unloaded my cum the stranger kept sucking & licking trying to get every last drop. Best blowjob experience ever. The most exciting part was not knowing who the person was. I plan to visit glory hole places throughout work related travels.

Gay sex at a boarding school when I was 16

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

I was raised in a conservative household as a kid that hadn’t necessarily raised me as a bigot, but more into the mentality of not comprehending and accepting homosexuality. Of course, being born in a small town in the prairies didn’t help much either—and then I made the biggest move in my life. From a small rural town in Texas or the big city of New York and liberalism at the age of 16. (I am 23 now)

I wasn’t an ugly guy, but at that point I was too timid to have a girlfriend at that point. So I had nothing holding me back when I was enrolled into a boarding school. I initially was setup in a room(or flat like they called it) which included three rooms, a kitchen, and a mini living room as it was a private school that resembled more of an apartment more than anything. There, I met a bi football player, David, who was my roommate and another guy, Mike, who was evidently gay. They would often play hit on me a lot, but I always jokingly made it known that I wasn’t interested. However, I could always feel their stares when I came out the shower, or when I went to sleep. However, we were all pretty cool with each other despite my concerns for my well being.

I eventually continued exploring the school the following months and fell in love with a girl. After a few months of building up courage, I decided to ask her out—only to get rejected in the end. That night, my roommates tried to tell me everything was alright, but I was too depressed and went to sleep. Sometime throughout the night, the football player sneaked into my room, naked, and hid a camera while the gay roommate slept, and he closed the door. (Thankfully the walls were soundproof)

He then reached into my bed and undressed me considering the fact that I’m a very deep sleeper. As I suddenly regained consciousness, I reached for the covers and stood up and ran away to the other corner of the room. The size of his cock was amazing as it throbbed and looked at me, and even made my own penis get a boner in the process, which he saw as he hungrily looked at my body. I knew he wasn’t a virgin by a milestone as he tried to seduce me, but I tried to stand up for myself. However, David was a much stronger and buffer individual, and he picked me up and threw me into the bed. David then got on top of me and ripped the covers right off of me and began kissing my neck and chest, to which I gently moaned. Our cocks were not touching each other, but I knew it wasn’t right and I pushed him away telling him to leave. However, he told me that pleasure wasn’t bad and that nobody had to find out. I don’t know what happened to me next, but as David began kissing my body and caressing my ass, legs, and chest, I succumbed to his sexuality. The way he explored my body in many ways with his hands came off as natural to me as he kissed my neck passionately. David was experienced in many ways as he made me want more as he reached the head of my penis and fingered it into getting harder.

The moment caught me off guard when I kissed him back, and he began going down on me, kissing my chest all the way to the head of my dick, and he began giving me an amazing bj to which I had an orgasm instantly. A few minutes passed as I saw his head going up and down while I moaned, afraid that someone would walk in on us, when I finally came in his mouth and moaned loudly as I had never released before. Best of all, David swallowed. I began to instantly give him a bj in gratitude and loved the sensation of his meat, to which he moaned. After a couple of minutes of deep throating him, his cum shot at my chest. I knew what I wanted at that point as I got in all fours for him, and I remember the feeling of him pushing his cock into my ass and taking my virginity. At first I couldn’t breathe from the pain, but as he thrusted in and out and his balls slapped my ass, it was magic. My moans illuminated the room that night as he took my ass. After a couple of minutes, he came inside of me and we fell asleep in the same bed, cuddling.

I woke up the following morning by his side, naked, and instantly freaked out. I blamed my depression for what I had done. However, as he saw this, he showed me that we had made a sex tape and the things I did in that tape were unbelievable. The way I enjoyed everything and my moans and facial expressions were out of this world. That experience began my gay experimentation throughout my high school years even though I’m Straight. Ever had a story similar to mine? I’d love to hear feedback on here and by emai

Sex with a random stranger in New York

Friday, April 1st, 2011

My name is Andrea. This happened at New York when I went to visit my sister from Vermont. I was 23 at the time and decided to hit the clubs of New York one evening. I used to be one of those horny girls because I never got sex on a regular basis. Only god knows how badly I need to be fucked. I met this 24 year old guy in the club. We clicked instantly. He invited me to his place. I was horny but and went with him against my better judgment. He instantly threw me on his bed and did sex moves even though we were fully clothed. After awhile I ripped off his shirt and started to lick his chest. I pulled down his pants and mine, too. I started to suck his cock, and then I inserted it into me. It was pretty easy. He unbuttoned the top 3 buttons of my shirt so he saw just the tops of by boobs. He licked them while I moved around. He undid the rest of my shirt and took off my bra. He played with them while fucked me. After a while we both came at the same time. I never had that happen to me before. It was something out of this world. After that I left his place with a happy smile and never to hear from him again. That was my first time sex with a random stranger. Since then I have met strangers from Ashley Madison Vermont and New York. I find it way fulfilling than having sex with one guy.