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Giving blowjob to my friend’s dad

Monday, May 13th, 2013

We lived in Mississauga, Ontario. My parents were out for few hours and I knew they wouldn’t be back until after 10 pm. I had a thing for my friend’s dad. It was just after 8 and I knew he would be calling. We have been flirting for a while. He told me I had the perfect mouth for blowjob and that he wanted me to give him one but I had no idea what blowjob was. I used google to learn what blowjob was and was in shock. It looked weird but fun – that was my first learning about oral sex. I asked some of the girls in school about it and some said they had done it. One girl said she gave her brother a blowjob the day before and that she loves swallowing. I wasn’t sure about the whole dick in my mouth thing but then the door knocked. I let my friend’s dad in and he kissed me. I felt so tiny in his arms! He told me I was hot and that made me feel really good. I was wearing just jeans and tank top. He put on a DVD he made of blowjobs he copied from the internet. We watched them together. He was sat with his arm around me and I felt like his girlfriend. His arm was around my shoulder at first but then started caressing down my front until it went inside my tank top. He started holding my boob and squeezing. It felt good. I was turned on. I watched the girls on movie sucking and getting cum on them and I wondered when it would be my turn to get cum on my face. Then I saw him unzipping his jeans and was amazed when he pulled out his dick. I hadn’t seen a man’s dick (I have seen boy’s dick plenty) before and was so excited my heart was throbbing. Touch it he ordered in a commanding voice so I reached over and just touched it with my finger. It felt hot. Take a proper hold of it he ordered so I grabbed it and felt it throbbing in my hand. It was weird but I liked it. He showed me how to rub it then told me to get on the floor. I sat between his legs and began to sucking his dick like a popsicle. I could see that he was pleased and that it was making him happy. That feeling was making me happy too for some reasons. He was telling me how good of a job I was doing which made me excited. I sucked him for ages until he was ready to cum then I closed my eyes and let him cum all over my face. We had that kind of fun few more times before I met my boyfriend. I love pleasing my guys!

Forced sex that left me wanting more

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

This is a true story, which i never shared with anyone, of what happened with a boyfriend I had. I grew up in Ontario, Canada and was seeing this guy for about 2 years. We were very comfortable with each other. We were in tune. One day, he came over to my apartment to pick me up to take me over to my mom’s house. He told me on the text that he was really horny and wanted a quickie before he took me to my moms, but I kept putting him off because I was ready to go out.

When he came in, it all happened so very quickly. I remember him standing behind me and the next moment pushing me down over the dining room table. Then I remember him pulling my skirt and panties down. He told me roughly in a commanding voice that I wasn’t going to stop him from getting what he wanted. At that point he pulled down his jeans and his cock was already hard and he started fucking me from behind.

I was shocked and upset that he wasn’t listening to me as he held pinned down against the table. At the same time he was fucking me with a wild hardcore consuming lust that I had never seen from our sex before. All the while he was calling me names and saying how much he loves to fuck me, how that I have been a very bad girl and he loves punishing me. He was totally into doing me for his own pleasure trying to get off inside solely for his own enjoyment. And right at that moment I found myself enjoying it. I knew he ONLY wanted me. Even though I felt helpless I knew I was safe, because we talked about forced sex before. He came quickly, forcefully and was very loud. When it was over, we acted like it was no big deal. But secretly I hoped he might do it again. Because I am a dirty little slut and I love pleasing my man, I love to hear that I am a whore when he fucks me. We have tried many things since but I never told him about that incident and that I want it again. I am just hoping he figures that out.

Regret not marrying you

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Katherine – everyday I regret that I didn’t say “yes” to you when you asked me to marry you. I think of you every day and you occupy most of my day – or at least a very large part of it. It’s far too late now.

I regret that I walked out of the house and never turned around again. You are the most beautiful woman that has ever walked the Earth and every woman I see can not measure up to you in any facet. All the women on Earth combined do not amount to even half of you. I love you. I miss you very much.

My life is nothing without you. You were my reason for living and now I am dead because I walked away and because I said “no”. There are very few things I ever regret doing. This ranks at the very top. No matter how many other women I have met, I compare each and every one of them to you and they can never measure up. If by chance you should ever read this – wherever you are, be assured that I never stopped loving you. I never will.

I wish you the best – wherever you are. My life is messed because I didn’t commit to you. 20 years later – you are the only woman who is on my mind – all the time and no amount of drugs or alcohol or work or anything else can take it away. If I had a chance to do it all over – I would not walk away. I would have stayed – as hard as it was. I would have stayed. I’ve created my own hell by simply not being with you – because I was insecure about what I can offer you.

You offered me everything and now I have nothing. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and how beautiful you were. I will never smile again. There is a permanent disdain look in my face because of my decision and I hate it. I regret that I couldn’t be the one you needed when you needed me.

With love always.


I’ve Spent $45,000 on Escorts All Over North America

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

I am married with 5 kids and travel a lot in my line of work. Sometimes when I was bored in my hotel room I would surf for porn, but I soon found that wasn’t enough and I started downloading porn on my work laptop. Finally, one day, I searched for escorts in the US city I was in. I was stunned by what I found: beautiful women just a short drive or short wait away. But, it was weeks before I called one.

I called and hung up so many times. Eventually, I settled on a cute young blonde not too far from where I was staying. I was incredibly nervous as I drove over. When I finally got up the nerve, I knocked on the door of her hotel and my first date began. The urge to flee stayed with me through foreplay and even the intercourse itself. As expected, once I finished, I was remorseful and I became very depressed.

The next week, still feeling badly, I drove to the rough part of town where my kind wasn’t welcome. I entered a bar, was a bit obnoxious and found myself in a fight with 3 guys. It felt good to get my ass kicked, it felt like I was being punished for hiring an escort, like I was receiving what I deserved.

A few weeks later, after my bruises had healed, I had the initial impulse again. This time I found a young, black girl who looked like Halley Berry. She was incredibly beautiful, but I was spooked by the fact that she took too long to get a room. I hid and followed her after she finally left. I followed her for more than an hour until she pulled into an apartment complex well away of where I should have been. I went back to my hotel without doing anything. I was very fearful that I may have been spotted I sold my car the next weekend and bought a new car that looked nothing like the old one.

Pretty soon I was seeing a girl a week and I was getting more and more comfortable with each encounter. I was spending $300 a week to have sex with strangers. Now, four years later I look back at a ridiculous trail of lies and betrayals. I’ve been with girls in Toronto, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Columbus, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, DC, New Jersey, New York, Hartford, and Atlanta. I’ve had sex with mostly white blondes with large breasts, but there have also been Black girls; French, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Czech, Polish, and German girls; Italian, English, Spanish, Brazilian, Norwegian, Swedish, Irish, and Indian girls; Costa Rican, Canadian, and American girls and I’m sure a few others.

The type of girl depended on my mood. I had girls of all shapes and sizes. Usually I prefer a woman with 36-38 C-D – anything much bigger and I’m not interested. But I sometimes like a nice A or B. Oddly, I’m rougher with the smaller ones. In terms of age I’ve been with escorts as young as 18 and as old as 45, but women between 22 and 26.

So, after 4 years, I’ve slept with between 100 and 150 women but with the last 20, I haven’t been able to complete the job. For all of this, I spend roughly $45,000. Nobody knows or suspects. It is just me and now, all of you.

Afraid my husband will leave and divorce me

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

For a while now I am obsessed that my husband will leave me. We have been married for over 2 years now and he has never given me any reasons to feel this way. Actually on the contrary, he loves me deeply, is very caring, respectful, and all around a good man. So I have no idea where my fear comes from, other than the fact that he is totally awesome, good looking, and women flirt with him all the time. I’m on the other hand is very plain. I don’t like to put any makeup on or dress up. We live in Ontario and there are many cougar type women. So I think that one day he’ll wake up and get tired of me and leave me. I really don’t know how to get rid of this fear. I want to keep my husband and I don’t want him to divorce me or be without me even for a moment. I’m afraid he might end up noticing and realizing that he can do so much better than me.