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No women can please me with blowjob

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Many people on site have very steamy, erotic, and exciting stories about their first blowjobs. I will just share my frustration that I never shared with anyone. Most women I’ve ever had sex with lacked the patience it takes to make me cum while giving me a blowjob. I live in Cincinnati, Iowa; dated many women. They get tired or stop at the end. It’s a slow tease, dirty talk, passion that finally gets me off, when it actually does work. My first blowjob was from a 37 year old married woman who was cheating on her husband, and I met her on Ashley Madison in Iowa. She had a lot of trouble trying to please me with blowjob. After going down on me and lots of sex, I had to finish myself off. To this day, I haven’t found anyone who can make me climax with blowjob.

I am not sure why I cannot get pleased by any woman from a blowjob. I often wonder if maybe I would be pleased by a man giving me a blowjob. Maybe a woman doing it to me is not dirty or wrong enough. I am not sure what the problem is but I want so badly to cum in a woman’s mouth and I feel as though I have to find the one woman who can please me with a blowjob.