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My babysitter loved me

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

My babysitter did sexual stuff with me at age 12. She was 19. It lasted for 2 years till I was 14 and she was 21. She was pretty hot and popular and I would get turned on whenever she was around. This led to me having to masturbate in my room or the bathroom sometimes, one night she caught me at it and I was so embarrassed, but she told me don’t be shy and asked if she could stay and watch. So I let her. This progressed from there to her giving me a helping hand.. So the first year she would give me hand jobs and blow me, if I promised to be good. Then when I turned 13 we started having sex, some nights when my parents wouldn’t be back till the next day or away for the weekend, we would sleep in the same bed and have sex 3-5 times during the night.. And again in the morning. It was incredible to me at the time that an older girl like her would be interested in a young inexperienced kid like me, but our secret relationship we had is some of the best memories I have of growing up. She really cared about me and my feelings, She was my first love, being with her I felt secure and loved and I trusted her. Such a shame it’s looked down upon due to the age thing, because it was truly beautiful when we were together. Our last night together when we made love I cried in her arms so much I was shaking, she held and comforted me and told me she loved me more than anyone in the world. I just held her so tight wishing with all my heart we could stay like that forever. When she moved away to go to college, I cried like a baby every night for 6 weeks. But she still came back to visit me whenever she could. We are still best friends. We never did do anything after that though, But the memories last always.