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Thinking of inviting my wife’s step sister to join us in bed

I am now a happily married guy living a simple life in Prince George. My wife’s sister lived with us for a while before we were married, and she used to watch us have sex fairly often or at least heard us loud and clear. We showered together all the time. We were usually in a rush to go somewhere and only showered together so we wouldn’t run out of hot water. We never had sex though all though I always fantasized about it. She was good friends with me too. Now that we are married, my wife’s sister is married now too. The problem is she is not happy with her marriage and talks about it with me all the time. She says how things would have been different if we had sex or that if she was not married. She also says she fantasized about being with me in bed. I am not sure what to do. Maybe I should just add her to our sex life to spice up our marriage too. She is mywife’s step sister by the way.


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