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Working as an escort in Nanaimo

After losing my job and not being able to find another one, with mounting bills and a huge debt, I applied to work in the world oldest profession. I know many of you out there think I was just being lazy or I must be a bit dim not to be able to find another position. I have two years of post secondary education under my belt now and yes, I suppose I am a bit lazy. I know it seems like an odd choice but I really did have two choices either Tim Horton’s and or being an escort both occupations that always seem to be hiring in Nanaimo.

I am employed by an agency that is owned by a woman that I can honestly say I respect of worked in the “business” for many years in order to put food on the table. As a result she treats her escorts in a kind, yet professional way.

I don’t know why I wanted to post this I suppose it’s because I am not able to tell my friends and family for obvious reasons. Partly due to the fact, society has such a terrible option of people who do what I do; and I felt like I need to defend the one occupation that I have tried that has left me finally secure, with time left to enjoy the summer before school starts again, and that enables me to meet a few very interesting men. I am still a good person not some terrible monster, or a drug addicted, or a sicko, which is the way most people seemingly view sex trade workers as. And really, a glass of wine, sex, and a taxi ride home isn’t that bad.


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3 Responses to “Working as an escort in Nanaimo”

  1. EJ Says:

    Hi I have a question…Is it possible that a guy can date a woman working in Escort Business and not have a problem with it knowing it is temporary?

  2. Colin Says:

    Not really sure I understand your question. Why would anyone have any issues anyway? You know who you are dating and if you are open with her I am sure there should be no issues.

    I am a professional escort in Prince George and I think dating on a temporary basis is cool.

    Its funny, I just was on the same post and all of a sudden I noticed your comment here. Thought I would reply.

  3. Brooke Says:

    Be very careful working in this industry, what you might find secrect can come out in many ways. (I heard of an escort answering the door to find her unkle standing there, you never know who might be your next customer) I myself a married women with a resume full of diploma’s etc have not been able to find work. After childcare and regular expenses of having a family it cost me money to work at min. wage. With my partner loosing his employment, and extended family not willing to look past their world trips, fake nails and new clothes, we could not go to them for help. We needed to pay bills feed our kids and decided it was the only way, it was private and our secret. The oldiest profession out their, Spoil a man, and earn a respectful amount of money this is the only way.
    No one would know about our choice and they didn’t need to. ANNE HOAKAMA? Ministry of Family service in Victoria called this profession Prostitution (not an escort) and called a meeting with our entire extended family and reveiled our choice of work over concern about our children. Questioning our parenting ability and mental state because of our work choice. She said as my work could come home they were concerned that the children where exposed to adult conduct.
    Our children were removed based on concerns of adult videos and toys around the house where our children could find them, and our mental state based on our choices. Even after proving her wrong it still took months to get our kids back, and left a record of her concerns on record. We realized how helpless parents are if exposed to being in this industry. After permenant distress and hardship was caused to our family and leaving forever damage to our extended family and children, one needs to be very careful of Anne Hok. of Victoria Ministry if you work in this industry. She brags about having more power than the police and will punish you for your choice in the adult industry.

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