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A younger “friend”

I have been seeing someone for almost 4 years. It is casual and roughly works out to once a month. At first I thought the guy was older but after our first encounter found out he was 11 years my juniour. Score for me I guess. But to be honest guys 11 age his senior have more energy. He is fun and it is a great for a sexual release. I think that he thinks I am infactuated. To be honest my secret is I have become kinda bored of the whole thing. I used to jump at the chance to see him when he would pop online late at night and ask for a booty call. Now I am annoyed by it and take pleasure at turning it down. I have gained the confidence in my sexual skills and have moved on to bigger and better things. I have enjoyed the past three years but the truth of the matter my time is now better spent with more skilled lovers. So I am done with the late night booty calls and four years of being a convenience. Move on little boy, the men are calling and they have taken your place. 🙂


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