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Glory hole experience in Vancouver

I live in Prince George and I’m a 25 year old straight male. Recently I was down in Vancouver visiting some friends and we had a great time visiting the bars and pubs until everyone decided to call it a night. I was pretty drunk however, so I had other plans. I was in a different city and feeling alive, so I decided at that point that I needed to get laid.

I said I was going to head back to another pub where I was talking to a few cute girls, but after they left, I realized I was way too drunk to know where I was going. I dropped into a few places for some drinks along my journey and realized that I had made it to Davie St. I soon walked by an adult entertainment store and decided to go have a look.

A quick tour of the place revealed some booths in the back with tv screens mounted in the booth. A sign said that for a few bucks I could purchase tokens to show pornography on the screen. This was a new experience for me so I was definitely going to . I got my tokens and headed back to the farthest booth. Some booths were occupied by single men. In some booths I could see two men, giving each other blowjobs. I knew what I was there for. It wasn’t exactly going to be my first experience with another guy, but it’s not something I make a habit out of. But this was Vancouver and I was pretty nervous about hopping into a strangers booth, despite how drunk I was.

I got into my booth, left the door open, fumbled for the tokens and watched a few seconds of porn before the screen went black. I lowered my pants and began slowly jerking my cock before sliding more tokens into the screen. The screen lit up again and an older man appeared at the door. I asked him if he wanted to come in. He looked at me with my cock in my hand and said, “no, I only come here to watch. Is that okay?” I said yes and kept jerking my cock, getting harder.

The booths were attached to each other and I had failed to notice the holes cut into the wall until the moment a large circumsized cock slid through the hole, into my booth. The older man asked if I was going to suck it. I bent down and jerked my cock as I gave this stranger a blowjob, slowly at first, but then impatiently deep throating him, thinking about how hot I thought this was at the time.

His cock slid out of the hole and I felt a little disappointed until I realized he had left his booth to come visit mine. He was nicely dressed, late 40s. I got up from my seat and offered it to him. He sat down and I continued to blow him until he came in my mouth, stood up, pulled up his pants and left. The older man was still watching as another man peeked around the corner and saw me wiping my mouth, pants still around my ankles, on my knees in the booth. He didn’t ask permission, but sat in the same seat, pulled his pants all the way off and hung them up, which I still think was weird. I started to suck his cock, which was much smaller, so my head was being pushed into his gut. It became pretty clear that neither of us were enjoy this. Without a word he got up and left.

I got back on the seat and continued jerking off while talking to the older man who was still watching. I was talking about how bored I was now and he suggested I put my cock through the gloryhole and see if anyone was on the other side. I slid my cock through and was quickly met with a mouth. After a few minutes of blowing, the mouth was gone. I heard his booth open, he came to mine and bent over in front of the screen. He was clearly ready to fuck, as he was already very wet and I slid my cock inside him easily. As I said, I had a lot to drink and I wasn’t feeling much so I was going pretty hard. Again, without a word, he stood up, left my booth and my older man watcher said he got in with another guy. I thought that was kind of hot, but I immediately felt disgusting for not wearing a condom.

Anyway that was the end of the action for a while so I packed up and was about to leave until I noticed the larger booths across the hall. You could actually lay down in these ones. I decided to give them a try. It wasn’t long before a middle eastern guy in his 20s joined me. We 69ed for what seemed like an impossibly long time until I came. By the end he had to fuck my mouth because my jaw felt so sore.

Once I came I felt really gross about the entire experience. My haze was over and I had sobered up a bit. I was in t here for a couple of hours. I immediately got up and dressed. I heard the brown guy mutter a sad “heyyy…”. I felt bad for not finishing him but I was done.

I left and quickly found a cab.

I still think about it sometimes, but I like women more.

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