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I have a crush on a girl

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

I am a girl, and I like a girl who has a girlfriend. No one knows I want her, because no one knows I love girls. This is causing turmoil in me because I don’t know if I am a lesbian or straight or bi. So it leaves me with a dilemma, I can’t tell anyone. But I don’t know because I have never kissed either sex. I am so confused, but all I know is that I LOVE HER. I have never had a proper/playful conversation with her yet. She is in one of my classes and sits on the other side of the classroom. I never had the opportunity to talk to her, but I have pretty much turned into a stalker. I am so in love, all I want to do is see her all the time.

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Wife’s blowjob story turn me on

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

My wife gives incredible blowjobs. She had a lot of practice. She’s only fucked 5 or 6 guys, but the number of blowjobs is much higher. This might bother some guys. But I love it. Some of the most mind-blowing orgasms of my life have been while fucking her, and her telling me about her past sex life and blow job stories. She would give me every details possible. I would ask her questions too. She used to have one particular guy, she’d go over to his house and get naked. Then he’d give her a full body massage. At the end, she’d get on her knees in front of him and suck his cock and he’d shoot all over her face and breasts. Then they’d shower together, and she’d leave. They never fucked, and never went out.

Sometimes I think it would be fun for her to call him up and go over for one more ‘massage’. But I don’t know if I’d feel the same afterward. Thought of it is such a turn on.

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Seduced a 20 year old to have sex with me

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

Well, the subject is straight forward and to the point. Recently, I seduced a 21 year old whom I have known since he was 13. I’ll give the history between us. The two of us have known each other for about the past 7.5 years or so since he was 13 years old. He and I both met while I was a member of a radical church of Christ church. The church is very dysfunctional and controlling. The kind that will judge and guilt you out for “sin” and especially sexuality. There is a lot of drama that goes on in the church caused by the legalistic and religiosity of the environment. I am not going to spend anymore time describing time describing the church (as if I did that it would take away from the subject and the drama there would fill up a volume and tome of books). Needless to just say that over the years both he and I grew disenfranchised by the church and it’s culture.

I had recently moved back to the area and attended this church and met “Justin” , I am not going to use his real name for sake of privacy (you understand). Justin’s mother had married a guy in this church about 7 years earlier and needles to say the marriage is still to this day an unhappy one. Justin was and is still at odds with his step father who treats him like shit and abuses him- many times I had to restrain the urge to physically smack the guy for how he was treating Justin and his mom. I became a big brother to Justin a safe place he could come to whenever things weren’t going well at home. We would have sleep overs, cook meals, watch movies ,play board and video games, and most of all just talk.

There were times I would have to listen to all that was going on and just be there for him. We grew close through all of it. Justin himself could be a bit difficult at times to handle and I had to on a few occasions set the boundaries of te relationship. As the time went on he and I became very close and he would confess some of his deepest darkest secrets to and share his struggles with life, family and the church. As close as we became we never did anything sexual and I made sure to not cross a line or boundary. As he got older around 18ish (and by this time he had left the church and I was already out the door myself) I did notice that he had become a physical full handsome young man.

I masturbated thinking about him shortly after his 19th , even at 19 he looks younger which to me is a hot turn on in a guy. By this time he took off to live in another country and didn’t keep up with me, so I figured I would never see him again. Until recent when he messages me Facebook and we caught up. He asked if he could come to my place and drink with me. I said sure and was excited to see him. I picked him up and we want back to my place and caught up on our lives.

Eventually the talk turned to sex and he shared with me all of the things he has done and the girls he has slept with. Started telling me about how he loved sex and even when he was younger was messing around. It tuned me on hearing him talk like that, our conversation went on and on as then I told him about my past experiences with sex. Thing is I never could have a full on sexual talk with him before recently due to his age. I was always afraid of his parents or some goody two shoes church prick misinterpreting something like that as me hitting on or molesting a kid. Something I would never do.

Justin admitted he felt frustrated that we could never have a free open relationship when he was younger and that he always felt safe around me. Our conversation was pretty raunchy at that point talking about pussy, girls we had fucked over our lives and our hopes for the future. Then with my heart beating hard, I took a risk and talked about my bisexuality and how I did guys my age as a kid as well as girls. He did not judge me but listened. I then told him I appreciate our relationship- he asks what do you mean by that? With a sneaky grin Not able to contain myself, I said I wanted to have sex with him and suck his cock- to my surprise- he simply said uhmmmm sure let me shower with a smile in his face.

I was stunned yet so fucking horny! He got a shower and I brushed my teeth. He comes out clean and dripping wet smiling a sparkle in his eyes as we come together I see it all in his eyes. He had had a desire for me for a long time. He told me he had never kissed a guy and wanted to, so we did, he was a hard passionate lover. His hands magically stroking my cock our bodies fluid. I was a bit nervous to me it felt like molestation it was weird, but he would give me his “little brother eyes” and I knew everything would be alright. I put him on my bed and sucked his erect nipples into my mouth as he moaned loud rubbing my body over as my hand slipped under the towel and found his throbbing cock.

He gasped and I on instinct stroked him off as he wiggled and kissed he smiled all the time loving it. As I kissed and licked and sucked down his body, I didn’t hesitate to put his cock in my mouth and suck. I sucked him a long time and he put his hands behind his head grinning at me gently fucking my face. He begged me to let him fuck me frontally (rub our penises together) so I did and I was amazed- the boy has some skills!! He would call me big bro and that he loved how closer we are now.

We made love for over an hour, playing sucking kissing talking. I held him close to my body his head buried him my chest as I was rubbing his chest as he furiously jerked himself off to cum. He was cooing and sighing like a little boy, which made it hot for me and I saw him cum for the first time- he was so excited his sperm almost shot up to his neck as he moaned loudly into my chest. He then did the same for me as I too shot my cum onto his arm. He didn’t mind but kept looking at me with those brotherly eyes.

After we cleaned up and were cuddling in bed, he asked me: why didn’t u ever do this with me before, I was kinda waiting on you…I explained to him how I didn’t wanna do that when he was younger and the trouble I could have faced etc- he listed and then said I understand, I just wish we could have …

The next morning I sucked off his morning wood and held him tight as he relieved his prick of his tensions feeling his hot cum hit my hand and he did the same for me. I had to take him back home as he had to work, but before he got out of the car he smiles at me and tells me he wants me to take his anal virginity and wanted me so deep inside him his cheeks would ride flush against my tummy- he winked and said “we have lost time to make up”

He is coming back over in two weeks, I have lube and condoms ready… 🙂

That’s it, no bullshit all 100% true.

Great sex after public flashing

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

My wife and I enjoy being adventurous and keeping the spice in our marriage by doing some pretty crazy stuff. I have tons of stories about stuff we have done but I’ll start with a story about my wife flashing her beautiful large tits.

We went to a concert in Phoenix one weekend and stayed at resort for that weekend. After we attended the concert we came back to the hotel and decided to go for a swim before we settle in for the night. She threw on a bikini and I put on my swim trunks and we headed down to the pool. on the way to the pool I dared my wife to take her tits out of her bikini and leave them out all the way to the pool. she graciously accepted the dare and took her large tits out. About half way there a group of guys were walking towards us and I told my wife to leave her tits out if they keep coming our way. The closer the guys got they realized her tits were out and were telling her how nice they are and telling me I’m lucky. I told them thanks and that I know I’m lucky. We went on our way to the pool and headed straight for the hot tub. My wife was lucky no one was in the pool area, we were alone.

After about 20 minutes of sitting in the hot tub those same group of guys showed up with there swim trunks on. At first they swam in the pool playing around and splashing and being typical guys. A couple guys joined us in the hot tub eventually and one of them told my wife she didn’t have to put her boobs away because they were there now. and we all laughed. I told my wife to take them girls out again and she ended up taking her top completely off. the rest of the guys joined us in the hot tub and we realized they went to the same concert we went to so we talked about how bad ass the concert was. one of the guys excused himself and said he would be right back. He came back about half an hour later with some beer and a bottle of Jaeger. My wife doesn’t like beer so she claimed the Jaeger. we were getting pretty tipsy whenthe hotel security guard came by and told us the pool was closed and we had to leave. He noticed my wife’s tits were out and told her she needs to put her top in before she gets out. I don’t know what this guys problem was but he was being a Fag.

We shook the guys hands and told them it was nice meeting them and went our separate ways. The wife and I had great sex that night. she told me that she was turned on by the guys seeing her tits. It was a great weekend.

I’m afraid I’ll never have a baby of my own

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Now this really is a secret I’ve never told anyone. Various parts are known to various people, but there is no one who knows this secret in its entirety. It has constitute parts, complexities, and it’s wrapped up with desire and fear and melancholy and regret.

The surface of the secret isn’t really a secret. I regret not having a baby when I was younger. I regret not taking the time, not making the time, not being able to convince my ex-husband that we should have a baby, that I should get pregnant and have a baby. People know this, they may not know my bone deep longing for my own baby, but the evidence of it can see it on me. It is written on my face and in my posture when I see other women who have babies or who are pregnant. It is there for those who look. I am filled with envy. It fills me up, completely.

I am a woman who as a child imagined her life in terms of maternity, who would day dream about what her children would be like, who has had the names of her first children picked out for decades. When my marriage fell apart, I grieved for the children I had imagined having with my husband and now would never get the opportunity to conceive.

And now, and this is a part of my secret that no one else knows, I’m frightened I’ll never get to have a child of my own. 32 isn’t old, millions of women have children in their 30s, into their 40s every year, but beside the fact I don’t have someone to father my phantom child, I have complicating factors.

I have, especially if I’m not taking birth control pills, long and heavy periods. So long, and so heavy, I’m occasionally frightened I will bleed to death. So long and so heavy, I have soaked through the extra long, nighttime sanitary towels in under an hour. I occasionally wake up covered in blood to my knees. I imagine my uterus like a water balloon, filling, filling, filling with blood, only to burst and drown me. No doctors can tell me why. I’ve had blood tests and ultrasounds and I’ve done my own research. My hormones are balanced, my ultrasounds were clean. I don’t have fibroids or a thyroid issue, I just have blood and fear and disgust.

I am disgusted by the blood, and frightened by it and frightened by the possibility of the disgust of others. My husband was disgusted by me, not by my bleeding, my body, but by my fear. He was so angry that I didn’t want to go to the doctor, didn’t want to be told my options. I knew my options, birth control and if that did not work: a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy closes the door on a baby of my own forever. It didn’t matter to him, he didn’t want a baby, but I did. I wanted and want a baby with bone deep, soul deep longing.

But how can I have a baby when it feels like I will never stop bleeding?

Nobody knows what it feels like to watch my hopes being literally washed down the drain while I shower. I watch the water at my feet swirl red and know it means emptiness and hopelessness. I am emptying out, liquefying and draining of hope.

Being on birth control helps. I no longer bleed for a month at a time, but I feel empty and hollow anyway knowing that it keeps me from even trying to conceive, keeps the possibility of a mysterious, magical, miraculous pregnancy from happening.

All babies are miracles, an alchemical mixture of two disparate people, who turn into new individuals who are both like and unlike both of their parents. I know adoption is an option, that I could love a baby not of my own body because all babies are inherently loveable. But I my secret fear is never being able to see myself in my child, of never being able to have a child of my body, never getting to experience the secrets of pregnancy because my body has betrayed me.