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Too Easy to Steal my Sugar Daddy from Kamloops

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

The short and sweet is …

He found me on a website and started chatting and he was so easy to steal away from his long time girlfriend ….just at their 10 year anniversary.

I hooked up with him in May, 2020 when she wasn’t around and he was so drunk and was the worst fuck I ever experienced….sloppy and limp and couldn’t finish. So i left. He begged me to see him again and offered to pay for a place for me to stay in Kamloops and then took me to work with him in Alberta and stay in his hotel for a month or more…convinced him to dump his girlfriend.

When we returned to Kamloops he brought me too and i hid in the house and his girlfriend didn’t know and she had video cameras around the house cause she suspected us. So I dressed up like her and we re-enacted a few videos for her. We had fun acting the bedroom scenes and re added them to her video captures for her to see. He did what I wanted and told him this should make her leave. But it didn’t. So I kept having as many hookups as I could and go topless for him A LOT and he was already in love and ready to leave his house and her and kid for me. He sent her an email around the anniversary to tell her he is unhappy ans leaving her and I hinted to ignore her for a month or so to show me he was serious. So he did and he made plans to move out and pay for a place for us in Barrie, Ontario so she wouldn’t find out about us. He moved out and she is still in Kamloops in his house and I told him its the right thing to do cause she is so toxic and don’t give her time of day and let friends know he is kicking her to the curb cause he is so unhappy. So he has paid for a new house and I don’t even think he even has a thought of her haha. No Christmas or newyears. He is mine, got my sugar daddy and some very nice diamond rings that are mine now and he is so gullible but got money. And he told me she was nothing special , but she was far to pretty not to steal him away and soon will have a lot.
Cant fix desperate cheating men with lot of money.

Cheating with a married man

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

I am a 29-year-old female with a decent career, and I have been having sex with a married man for about two years. It’s not a relationship; honestly, we use each other for sex, and it means nothing to either of us. I don’t feel sorry about it or guilty, and I have no feelings about getting caught. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. I haven’t had the best experiences with relationships, and this seems like the only thing I can handle right now. But I sometimes fear that this may be the only thing that I can handle. Sex is just so much easier than actually trying to work at a relationship. It is so much easier than giving my heart and past to someone and being rejected. Everyone around me is moving on, getting married, having children and I’m just stuck. But I like it.

Secret flirting, chatting, sending naked pictures with a man that is in a long term relationship

Sunday, November 25th, 2018

I met a guy in Kamloops at a professional work function. I could tell he was attracted to me and I intentionally flirted with him as I was very attracted to him. I gave him my business card…..

After that he began emailing me …not for any business reason…to say he enjoyed the meeting and looks forward to our friendship and then maybe we can go for coffee sometime……

He emailed me weekly…..I do not think his spouse knew that I accepted an invitation for coffee and we sat in a quiet corner and made eyes and flirted a bit. He said he is very attracted to brunettes and that’s his preference. I continued to meet with him …. when he found go to his buddies house 1/2 from town. ..he brought me. Also he took me out on road trips to do photography.

He came behind me and pulled my pants down and bent me over his tailgate and rammed his cock right into my pussy on first try…and Ryan gave it to me!! I have never been fucked so hard before—it was awesome. My tits have never been sucked so much and my nipples have got bigger I think!! He always liked to cum inside me and push and hold it there after he cum and have both hands squeezing tits. He would never kiss me though….. I am still fucking him and I think he is waiting for me to let him know I want more and then he is going to ditch his gf of like 10years. I know he has a weak spot for women when he drinks and has ended up fucking some and his gf doesn’t know. I hope she doesn’t find out. But I love him fucking me and I’m going to make him want me instead.

Cheating at the Church

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

For the last several months I have been having an affair with someone who works at my church. It started out as just some kissing and fooling around. But before long we were having sex in the class rooms, choir room, just about everywhere except the sanctuary. This woman is a friend of the family and we have socialized together. Our kids play together, have sleepovers at each others house. It’s been all about the sex for me. Especially the sneak around in church sex. It can take a bad act and make it totally nasty. I find it has a forbidden fruit effect.

She had told me several times that it was all about the sex for her too. I believed her because she is one hot blooded, ready to suck/fuck at the drop of a dime woman. Her husband has been sick for the last few years and unable or unwilling to take care of her sexual needs. She had some serious passion built up.

My wife calls me today and tells me she had lunch with our friend and that she and her husband are getting a divorce. She wants to know if things get ugly can she and her kids live in our house for a couple of weeks until she can find a place of her own.

I told her “that is not a problem”.

I may regret this.

Planned fuck gone wrong … … … Kamloops, BC

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Here is a dirty little secret that we heard …

Ryan was caught fucking his girlfriend “Melissa” friend “Joan” in a bedroom in his basement. His girlfriend Melissa walked in and turned on the light to see her boyfriend naked– thrusting his cock into her friend and talking dirty to her.

After getting caught, he quickly pulled out and sat on the bed naked with his head down while Melissa was horrified and verbally shamed them both. At least his girlfriend Melissa had enough class to leave the room. Regret should have kicked in at that point …

The worst part is that after she left, Ryan hopped back on Jane and started fucking her again. Melissa came right back in and could not believe he fucked her a second time.

The cheater boyfriend Ryan fucked Joan by his own choice and they had planned it early in the evening and waited for Melissa to go to bed so Ryan could sneak downstairs to fuck all night.

My new boyfriend told me about this … and its a dirty secret that cheaters want kept in their closets. Many people would be disappointed and disgusted to find out that people are not actually the good persons they want you to think they are.

Doesn’t it suck getting blue balls in the middle of a fuck and not getting to cum in a nasty old cunt. Hope all got tested after dipping into that stink hole.