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Planned fuck gone wrong … … … Kamloops, BC

Here is a dirty little secret that we heard …

Ryan was caught fucking his girlfriend “Melissa” friend “Joan” in a bedroom in his basement. His girlfriend Melissa walked in and turned on the light to see her boyfriend naked– thrusting his cock into her friend and talking dirty to her.

After getting caught, he quickly pulled out and sat on the bed naked with his head down while Melissa was horrified and verbally shamed them both. At least his girlfriend Melissa had enough class to leave the room. Regret should have kicked in at that point …

The worst part is that after she left, Ryan hopped back on Jane and started fucking her again. Melissa came right back in and could not believe he fucked her a second time.

The cheater boyfriend Ryan fucked Joan by his own choice and they had planned it early in the evening and waited for Melissa to go to bed so Ryan could sneak downstairs to fuck all night.

My new boyfriend told me about this … and its a dirty secret that cheaters want kept in their closets. Many people would be disappointed and disgusted to find out that people are not actually the good persons they want you to think they are.

Doesn’t it suck getting blue balls in the middle of a fuck and not getting to cum in a nasty old cunt. Hope all got tested after dipping into that stink hole.

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3 Responses to “Planned fuck gone wrong … … … Kamloops, BC”

  1. Un Named Says:

    Wow, funny I know him…. but I don’t think his girlfriends name is Melissa–but that’s pretty close to it– atleast the first half.
    He has been with so many women…. what I hear about him, he has always just had random and multiple FWBs….and usually don’t last long and are even shorter when a chick falls for him.
    Besides his brief marriage for 1 year in 2005 or something and he walked out lol. …. “Melissa” is the only woman I know that he has made his gf and has been with for….dunno around 10 years or something like that.

    Wonder of it bothers her to still be “just a gf”
    after all the years together. Personally I would be expecting marriage. Guess that’s called “keeping his options open in case something else comes up”.

    I agree that once he starts drinking… he cant be trusted to keep his cock in his pants and to knowingly make a choice to fuck any random chick that talks to him and gets him horny. You know its bad when a guy try’s picking up girls to fuck, at a function that he brought his gf along to. That tell you how crafty you have to be to do that when your gf is with you at the same place.

    Before the fucking happens, it always starts with something he is very attracted to and will do anything to conquer. It is ALWAYS his thought, idea, judgement, choice, and final decision to proceed to pursue and physically fuck another woman and deposit his cum into. Fucking is so different for men, a lot of women feel that when a man is sharing his most intimate moment with her and cumming in her pussy, that it is a sacred bond that should always remain special on and protected and never to be shared with anyone else— hence the word commitment.

    If it is that easy for him to fuck another woman until he fills her up with all his unborn children … aka: a nice big Ryan creampie. Obviously he has no problem cumming in a new pussy and that moment
    with some girl he just met isn’t anything special or sacred to him
    no matter whos pussy he is in.Its just him filling another girl up with his DNA & risking a pregnancy or even getting a nice new STD to take home.

    Personally I would be asking him if he thinks he has a problem with commitment or has a sex addiction or something…..
    Why and what makes him to even consider looking outside {his gf’s} box and fuck other women knowing he shouldn’t. What result does it give him and why does he think its a valid option at all to solve problems.
    Perhaps he doesn’t think its wrong, because that is the easiest way for him to convince himself that he has not succumbed to the evil trick we like to call: commitment. And if he fucks another woman he can justify it to himself by proving he’sin control of himself and his life, even if he wants to intentionally make a wrong decision and fuck another woman– he was in control and that is self gratifying.
    To stick his cock in and fuck another woman is his cure-all solution and reason to keep avoiding commitment–he is used to it and likes it too much.

    I don’t really understand or really care–but i don’t get why he WILL,
    DOES, and keeps trying to fuck other women. Guess its hard passing up a ready and available opportunity when chances of getting caught are low.
    His gf is very smart attractive & has a tiny tight body with a big set of tits that most women dream about having. I know he fucks her a lots lol,as much as possible, and she likes getting it too.One of my gf’s husbands is good friend with Ryan and knows ha ha. I do know that a couple of ryans friends like checking out his gf’s tits & my gf husband said he has seen a few nice pics of her tits and one of her tiny little hairless pussy that was only for ryan to see… share things when they drink photo vaults with passwords are a good idea lol so your buds don’t find your gfs very naked tits n ass!

    If you committ in a relationship,,, another woman should never know what he looks like naked or how he fucks, and should never ever be getting her muff stuffed and filled up with creampie ala Ryan.

    Not long ago I was at a mutual friends party and Ryan and Melissa were there too. He was having a happy drunk and started flirting with me and kept coming over and making excuses to chat me up….. and it was a holiday (I don’t want to say which one…) and when we all celebrated — he stayed beside me and gave me a hug & he tried kissing me. His gf saw him do it and it didn’t go over well and its pretty sad that he planned that and hoped id take his bait. He should have been by his gf and kissing her instead of trying hard to get me to cheat with him.
    I have 0 respect for man whores. Read a text of a friend had from him
    saying”nice to see ya and thanks for introducing me to your friend, I wont ever forget her lol…..and I hope that beautiful brunette will remember me too.”
    remember?.ya your the pig that someone brought to the party and should have left in the pigpen.
    Im so thankful to be married to a man that adores and lets me know that he is more in love with me with every day that passes….. he would never even dream of what it would be like to fuck another womans pussy even after all of years of marriage. That is a real man and that is called commitment and happiness.

    My husband says, a real good blowjob goes along way. If all women gave
    their partners more juicy blowjobs complete with a swallow,
    there would be no such thing as a cheating spouse.

  2. Jersey gal Says:

    I had a flash back of a trip I went on to Las Vegas and met a guy looking for nothing but booty while he was there from Canada, kamloops actually. He couldn’t keep his hands off me or my tits. …nearly fucked me in the elevator! But I sure got it several times in the room! I sent cards and flirts but he was already filling a the position with a hard looking single mom with emo black hair. Joan Jett wannabe. 2010 was a busy year for that man hoe

  3. Ithinkiwasthere Says:

    Hahahaha Derek?

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