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I had an affair with my best friend’s boyfriend

I live in Prince George. It’s a small town and everyone seem to know everyone. I am finally glad to have found this site to express my dirty little secrets.

I have always known my high-school best friend to be kind of a ball-buster. We still are best friends even after some of the things she did to me without even thinking. We were attending at College of New Caledonia. When she developed an actual relationship with a decent guy I was shocked. After a year & half and one baby later, my friend & her boyfriend were an established couple. We all hung out often. I also had had a boyfriend. My friend’s boyfriend and I had formed a close friendship eventually. He would call me whenever they were having problems or whatever his reasons were. One night he admitted that he was growing feelings for me. This was when my friend was about to move out because they were fighting so much. I didn’t think anything of it because of my boyfriend. On Halloween evening of 2008 she was gone and I went over to their house. The guy and I ended up fooling around and then having sex on their bed. We didn’t plan for it but just happened. We saw each other for several weeks after that. My friend to this day has never found out! I still have my boyfriend but they are separated. We are still best friends. This is one of the secrets I will never let anyone know in person. Thanks for this site.


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One Response to “I had an affair with my best friend’s boyfriend”

  1. Mike Says:

    Sexy story, u should just hav a relationship with this guy. It’s not good for ur boyfriend to be cheated on, just saying.

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