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I am a guy and fantasize about my friend’s dad

My secret is that I find my best friend’s dad very attractive. I am 19 year old college student and a guy. My friend’s dad is 39 but I can’t help feeling this way every time we see each other we always flirt. I don’t know if it is an innocent gesture from his side or just real flirt luckily my friend thinks we just get along like old pals. He doesn’t know that I have strong feelings for his dad and would one day like to be with him forever. If we have to move out of Prince George to start over with him, I would. I always fantasize about having sex in my friend’s bed with his dad. I know this sounds weird but I can’t help it. I long for him and sometimes can’t stop thinking about him. Sometimes I would just go to the house knowing my friend is not there just to see him. I wish I knew how he feels about me.


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