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I am sleeping with married men in Quesnel

I live in Quesnel. It’s a very small town in British Columbia. Growing up, I was always the chick that said that I would never have sex with a married man; well as of the last 2 years I have had sex with three married men one of them I am seeing in few hours. I meet people through plenty of fish and Ashley Madison. I pretend to be single but I have a boyfriend. I just love sex. I started having sex with the guy I am going to meet in few, when he and his girlfriend got engaged. It was only supposed to be a little bit of fun and it would end after they got married. It never ended. I don’t know how to end it because sex with married man is so hot and so filling. Just can’t describe it. She is now about 8 months pregnant with their first child and we are still sleeping together. Don’t think I am slut. I tried to end it but I think he is addicted to sex with me. He always begs me to hookup. He also says that I am the best lay he has ever had, way better than his wife. That is my dirty little secret.


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