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Sleeping with another girl’s boyfriend

I am a 24 year old University student, going to the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. Few days ago I hooked up with a really hot 19 year old college guy at a party who is going to the College of New Caledonia. We had hot crazy animal sex in his friend’s bathroom! I come to find out the next day that he has a girlfriend, and just last night I was helping my best friend unpack at her rented house when these 2 girls come in her room and start chatting with her. After they leave my friend starts giggling and tells me that the ugly girl was that guy’s girlfriend! It’s so funny because this girl has no idea that her sorority sister’s best friend banged her boyfriend few days ago. We laughed hysterically because nobody likes her & I was sort of the bringer of karma because she’s so stuck-up and nasty to everyone. She is very ugly too; I can’t believe a guy like him would be in a relationship with her. Maybe that’s why he slept with me; he needed a break from butt-ugly face.


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One Response to “Sleeping with another girl’s boyfriend”

  1. Mike Says:

    Haha butt ugly face lol, nice story. Hav any others?

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