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I am the other girlfriend

About a year ago my boyfriend broke up with me for some personal reasons. I thought about him every day. To forget about the pain I became involved with someone else. My ex boyfriend tried to contact me several times and I was very cruel and cold to him. He also met and dated someone else and she quickly became pregnant. About 10 months after we split, we began talking and texting and emailing regularly. He told me that she was pregnant and that he had to be responsible to her and their child but that he would be working toward the day that we could be together and he could marry me. His child is now little over 4 months and she has no idea that we have been seeing each other again. For now, I treasure the time we can steal away together and hope that the day will come when we do not have to hide. I want to believe him when he tells me I am the one he wants. It is not easy and I confess to jealousy, and if he breaks my heart it will be worth it to have tried to make it work again. I love that I am the other girlfriend.


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