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First time sex with babysitter

My secret is that first time I ever had sex was with my babysitter. I was 13 and she was 15. I hated having a babysitter but my mother insisted. One day she heard me complain about complaining about babysitter and when my parents left she said that she agreed but needed the money and said she would make me love it. Even before she finished saying it she grabbed my cock and I was hard instantly. She stripped me down and sucked me and gave me a handjob for few minutes. I was rock hard already and it felt like heaven. She took of her cloth except for her panties which I loved and started to sit on my cock. It was my first time so I was excited and kind of scared at the same time. It felt so good and I loved it. Can’t remember how long after but she put aside her panty and inserted my cock into her wet pussy. Within probably 5 seconds after that I came. We had many more sexual experiences after that until she went off to college. Sex with babysitter was so hot I still think about it all the time.

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