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I still regret having an abortion

When I was a teenager and growing up in Orlando Florida, I got pregnant with my 16 year old boyfriend at the time. I thought I was in love and got intimate without protections. After I got pregnant, I was talked into an abortion my boyfriend. My family disowned me after I got pregnant and I was very scared at the time. When we went to that clinic they did no counseling before the procedure. I didn’t realize what abortion was until I got one and it was too late to stop. I have cried about for about a year and I can’t let go of what I did. I still wake up at night with nightmares. I have prayed to God for forgiveness but I can’t seem to forgive myself. I will never do something so selfish again. If I could go back to that day I would change it. I regret this abortion all the time. It was 22 years ago!

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