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Fantasy came true: Wife with another man while I watched

After reading all the stories on this site (especially the ones from Prince George and Quesnel) I have decided to let my (our) secret out. We live in Prince George and grew up in Quesnel. My fantasy of “my wife with another man while I watched came true.” I have watched my wife having sex occasionally with other guys since we were in high school. First time was with my best friend. I asked her if she would suck his cock while I watched. We were 17 at the time. She agreed and so did he. She has always been very sexy looking and he was really a hunk. One night I invited him over to our apartment and I sat there and watched for the first time. She gave him her typical licking, sucking, ball licking etc, until he couldn’t take it anymore and fucked her on the couch in front of me. When he came in her both of them made moaned and that got me hard even more. I watched and tried not to jerk off too much as I wanted to cum in her mouth. After my friend left, she kissed me and squeezed my cock asking if I was ready. Of course I was ready. We had sex right on the couch. It was the beginning of our adventure.

We have repeated this with maybe 10-12 other guys in the last 8 years. We met guys from Ashley Madison. We have done so many fantasies and plenty more to go through. I will share more on this site.

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