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Fun at swingers party in Prince George

This story is from Prince George and very recent. I don’t think many people know there is swinger’s party in this town. Yes you are right; swingers get together in Prince George for discreet no string attached fun. As far as I can tell, people from Quesnel, Fort St. John, Vanderhoof, Prince George, Prince Rupert joins in. Few weeks ago I was in such a party with married couples and a few people who were just dating. I was not dating or nor am I married. The condition to join this party was to bring a date or a friend. I was one who brought a friend who was my “friends with benefits”. So as the night went on and everyone was reaching their blood alcohol level to the limit one of the wives was bragging how she’d know her husband’s cock blindfolded. So someone challenged her. She talked her husband into it but then had to find a few other guys to go along with it. The idea was she would be blindfolded and hands behind her back. She would then suck cock and tell us which one was her husband’s.

Even though all the married guys wanted to join in, but no one was able to join because of their other halves. Of course I did not have that issues, I said I’d do it and a 2 others joined in. So they blindfolded the woman and all 4 of us guys dropped our pants and underwear. Now the married women were checking us out and the husbands didn’t look happy.

So now this guys wife gets on her knees and we’d walk up to her and stick our cock in her mouth. She sucked until hard then we’d move over and let the next guy in. She eliminated 1 guy right away. After a second sucking she got rid of me. So it’s down to her husband and this other guy. After sucking her wife she wanted the other guy again. She is supposed to suck off her husband to completion but instead she does this other guy. As she keeps sucking I look at her husband and he just shrugs his shoulders and smiles as if to say enjoy. She finishes this other guy in her mouth and then takes her blindfold off. As soon as she realized it was not her husband’s cock in her mouth she chokes a little and turn red. Her husband just says that it looks like she lost her bet.

We also tried to do the same game to see if any of the guys can taste their wives and tell us it was her, but that game didn’t go anywhere. We just ended the night after more mingling and chatting. It was great. Can’t wait for the next time.

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6 Responses to “Fun at swingers party in Prince George”

  1. s and j Says:

    That sounds like a great party, we are part of a different (we think) club here in Prince George and go to the parties whenever we can. We would be interested in finding out more about your club however. We are are always open to new things and would love to meet more people within the lifestyle.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for your comments. I am not sure who actually sent the story. It was an anonymous submission. If the writer reads this and is comfortable with contacting others please drop us a line.

  3. maureen Says:

    How exactly does one get invited to these parties? 🙂

  4. S Says:

    It depends on where you are and who you talk to. If you are interested let me know … we can chat.

  5. David Says:

    I’m interested in joining a sex group. I would like to join a really kinky group if possible with people who are interested in Water Sports 😉

    PLEASE message me back!

  6. David Says:

    Ma and my wife are lookin to get involved in a club can someone point us in the right direction lol

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