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I lost my virginity to an Indian woman in Vancouver

I lost my virginity to a 30 year old Indian woman. I am from UK and was 21 going to the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. I was renting their basement as an international student. Her husband was working a lot and they didn’t have any children. She was petite with huge tits and a big ass. Coming from a strict Hindu family, I was surprised to notice how flirtatious she was. In couple of months we started to watch porn together on the computer and started to chat about fantasies when we both were alone in the house. She would tell me how her husband was selfish and would just want to please himself and not worry about her. Their longest sex was about 4 minutes and so on. Of course I was just waiting for the right moment to take advantage of her. One day, just like that, I found myself telling her to how to suck me off but she had a few tricks of her own, like gently touching my chests and sides. I guess between her husband pleasing himself only, she had lots of time to perfect her fantasies and I was enjoying every bit of it. Soon after that we started to have sex. Our bodies covered in sweat, my milk white complexion contrasting with her dark brown skin still gives me the shiver. I remember mounting her stomach and proceeding to savagely gouge her with my fingers and sucking and licking her huge, lovely tits. She would moan and tell me how she never had those done to her before and that would give me more energy to please her. I also remember releasing myself all over her body every time as she groaned in both wonder and pleasure. Ever since then I have been waiting to fuck another Indian girl. Now I am living in Prince Rupert and waiting for my next encounter. It’s just superb when you can think of the color complexion that is there.

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