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Voyeurism at College Heights in Prince George

Those who live up at college heights in Prince George know how close the houses are to each other. IT really opens up lots of exciting possibilities for anyone who is looking for some. I have seen a few of my neighbors naked over the years but sadly, nearly all guys except one. There was a woman living across from my backyard where her backyard starts. For me fantasizing about her was fairly hot because she was hot. She was around 35 and the term milf would perfectly describe her. I had seen her a few times in her room take off her shirt, with a bra under, but it was mostly during the day when the visibility was not so great. Then one night, I was on my bed, watching TV, in the dark. I was in front of my back window and for whatever reason; I looked outside. I saw her in her bedroom with the lights on. I could see her very well; she came near the window, took off her shirt, looked outside, and took off her bra! It must have lasted 5 seconds until she realized that even though it’s dark outside, if the lights are on inside anyone could see her. She pulled down the shade pretty fast. The next few days, I did the same thing; watch TV in my dark room looking through the window from time to time. Only this time, I had binoculars next to me! Regrettably, I never saw her again naked.


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