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Is he better than my husband?

I am a married woman. I have had a few sexual adventures that my husband has been part of. I had one awhile back that I just cannot get out of my head. It was the best sex I have ever had. Yes you heard me the BEST! I am a pretty honest person so I told my hubby is was great. I did not say the best. I love him(my husband) but I don’t want to break his heart or his ego. So I still continue to tell him he is the best. He is fantastic don’t get me wrong. But WOW this other guy..does things to my body I did not think was possible. The sensations are amazing to the point I am craving it 24/7. Unfortunately it is more like twice a year. So I continue living my daily life, having a healthy sexual relationship with my husband. Yet, sometimes when we are in the moment, the blankets are a shambles on the floor, and the sweat is pouring off our bodies, I fantasize about that other guy and the incredible way his body connected with mine. MMMmmmmm.


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