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I am married but fantasize of being with another man

I have a deep dark secret that I cannot confess to anyone but only to somewhere like here where no one will know my identity. I am in love with another man. I am married but secretly crave, desire, and wish I was with another man. He is so sexy, charming and makes me feel incredible. I wish I could hold him every moment and make a life with him. I know I could never end my marriage or disrupt my family life. So I just fantasize. I desire him and wish that some day in the future or in another place or in another life he and I will be together. I, sometimes, curse my life and wonder why it has dealt me this hand. Why did I have to be introduced to him to show me what I could not have? I will go on and continue my normal happy life but secretly wishing I could be with him.


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One Response to “I am married but fantasize of being with another man”

  1. Coco Says:

    What’s so wrong with divorce?

    Just saying, you DO have choices even if it doesn’t feel like it. My parents divorce was the best thing that ever happened to them (though it was hell at the time, both will admit to being happier now).

    Another thought would be to sit down w a piece of paper & make a list. Figure out what needs of yours (emotional & otherwise) that your fantasy is meeting for you. Being with another man is a strategy, remember, not a basic need. After you make this list & figure out what’s at your core, then you will naturally move toward a decision/path. Examples of needs you might be meeting: Aliveness, Excitement, Purpose, Love, Nurturing, Fun, Play, Contribution, Discovery, Sexual satisfaction, etc

    Next step is figuring out what strategies you want to use to try to meet some of those needs in your real life., Whether that strategy includes your husband or not is up to you. You have everything you need to meet those needs in your life!

    Love & peace I’ll keep you in my prayers, good luck.

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